1. kommaihag

    Imacros error sending emails

    Can someone help me fix my code? Someone made it for me and now i dont have his contact, it worked fine 1 year ago, now it has an error when it is supposed to enter the email adress in gmail. I dont think it is any advanced coding, but something is wrong.
  2. viking011

    Imacros help needed

    Hi guys! I am pretty new to all this stuff and found the imacro extension by a recommendation from a user on a previous thread I posted. I recorded my macro and I can loop it thru the play function buy I need to have the component that is filled be different every loop I am pasting the macro...
  3. M

    Imacro Help Needed

    Hello, This script is giving me runtime error while running and says - " RuntimeError: Tab number 2 does not exist, line: 11 " Anyone can help to fix this problem? I appreciate your help. VERSION BUILD=1005 RECORDER=CR SET !ERRORIGNORE YES SET !TIMEOUT_PAGE 10 SET !VAR1 EVAL("var min = 2; var...
  4. Y

    Imacros Automating Uploading JPG File

    URL GOTO= TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON FORM=ACTION: ATTR=ID:addImgsBtn CONTENT=D:\lake.jpg Above is my imacros script, but everytime run it, no image file uploaded, only file upload dialog prompt out and the action to upload image file cannot...
  5. djsobuj

    Is imacros working now??

    What version of imacros and firefox working now?
  6. F

    Need help in extracting the url from a site that can then be used for Recaptcha token method

    Hi, I am trying to access a site that I am once more having problems with the token method in Firefox/imacros. I have previously fixed the problem because a coder helped me out and gave me an alternative url to load and then the captcha going to you was all good and working. The site is...
  7. Bennett Jimmy

    Please can someone help me with IMacros 2captcha script?

    Hello please IDK if anyone can help me with 2captcha for Imacros, I'm finding it hard integrating it. Thanks in Advance.
  8. cnn8193

    Imacros help needed!

    Hi guys, I am using Firefox profiles and Imacros Firefox plugin 8.9.7 with FF version 56.0 (old staff but free and works with js). My big and difficult question is: There is a setting in Imacros plugin which allows to choose custom folder, where my imacros files are stored. For example...
  9. qazqaz

    iMacros follow bot

    I want to record an iMacros follow bot for a site. In the page there are profile followers list. I want from macro to click only the "follow" links But when I record, it clicks "follow" links and also "following" links which users I already followed. So when it clicks on "following" links, users...
  10. F

    iMacros/Javascript - How to expose text area of recaptcha V2 when in iframe?

    I have a situation where I need to use 2Captcha to solve recaptcha for the site , but the recaptcha is unusually in its own frame. My normal .js I use in imacros for firefox fails to expose the "text area" to paste the token result into. How can this be overcome ?Presumably I just need to...
  11. C

    Regarding alternative from imacros plugin

    Hello, Since iMacros Free Edition for firefox got latest update to cannot support change proxy address. Any recommedation plugin to make change IP when refresh the tab on firefox similar auto refresh agent plugin? Thanks before
  12. MrFady

    iMacros Code for Instagram

    Hello BlackHatters I want an iMacros code " a command line " to click on the first photo in the ( Most Recent ) part in a specific Tag search. Because CLICK command didn't work also I tried EVENT command but couldn't make it:weep: If you can write that command line I will appreciate it Thanks...
  13. JamieJayden

    [FREE] iMacros scripts on demand

    Hello everybody, I'm creating free iMacros scripts , just post what you want a script about and once it's finished I'll shoot you a pm with the actual script! Pls don't asn how long it will take as I'm doing this in my free time on my own speed so be patience :)
  14. Scorpion Ghost

    Addmefast and Youlikehits iMacros [Giveaway]

    I just upgraded to a Jr Vip, and I want to give something to everyone. Here are download links for Addmefast and Youlikehits iMacros: Addmefast scripts Youlikehits scripts All the scripts work, and they work great. The scripts are my creation, I use them personally, so you'll love them for...
  15. badwhitewolf1

    Quiz game bot for Android.

    I'm replacing thread here cause I think it was in a wrong category. Hey. I need a bot which could read question and in half a second click the answer for one of quiz games, I prefer to run this bot as overlay on Android but it's also possible to run this game in web browser so scripts for...
  16. badwhitewolf1

    Quiz game bot for Android.

    Hey. I need a bot which could read question and in half a second click the answer for one of quiz games, I prefer to run this bot as overlay on Android but it's also possible to run this game in web browser so scripts for chrome/Mozilla etc. could work, too. Any volunteers who could help?:/ or...
  17. MrFady

    Unfollow all in one click

    Hello blackhatters, Is there any way to unfollow all with an easy way?, I tried to iMacros but it didn't work. Any Help!! ???
  18. methodcreator

    Captcha Auto Resolve

    Hello, i'm looking for a captcha resolving service. It can be a resolver or bypasser if possible. Using any captcha service like anti-captcha or deatthbyCaptcha to do an auto-fill during login. I have a script in imacros and a bot in python. Any other language that seems best is accepted...
  19. C

    [FREE] Instagram Follower Scraper - Instagram bot

    This post will consist of two parts: 1. A link to a tool I made that will scrape the followers of a specified IG account and return a list of usernames. 2. a quick summary of how you can use this list to create you own instagram follow/unfollow bot. 1. Follower scraper...
  20. alextexan

    Xevil + iMacros

    Hello , anyone knows how to use Xevil (captcha solver) with iMacros in web browser ? I know how to use GSA CB with iMacros through this link , but how to use Xevil ?
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