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Mozilla Proxy Config For Manual Acc Creation

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Chris.Roark, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Aug 16, 2016
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    This thread is created after I saw several members asking what browser to use, and how to set it up so you can use proxies without fearing about cookies being left in your system.

    Why firefox? Because it uses its own Proxy settings (unlike Chrome, which uses the system proxy settings). So you can use Chrome with your home settings and check stuff, and at the same time connect Firefox through proxies.

    First google; "What is my IP" and you should see your real IP in google results.

    These are my everyday privacy config for firefox. you can find them by simply pasting this in your URL field:

    Firefox lox in.png

    With these config you are sure that every time you close firefox all our data will get cleared, so you don't need to restart your whole system.

    Following, you can then set the proxy manually. All you need is a working proxy (for social media is best to use private ones) with either login auth or IP auth.

    Set you proxy config here: about:preferences#advanced CLICK on SETTINGS to get the following window up.

    proxy setup.png
    Note: that is a public proxy which actually doesn't work. Was use for demonstration only.

    Now after setting the Proxy, close Firefox, open it again and google "What is my IP". By now google should return your proxy IP. So safe browsing and acc creation.

    Quick tip: bookmark the Proxy setting address: about:preferences#advanced and Google waht is my IP query to do it faster, especially if you need to check several proxies or social media accounts.