Jul 17, 2019
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I was wondering if anyone had any unique/proven ideas or business propositions on how to monetize my twitter followers. I have 7 meme accounts with a combined 1.2 million followers and every tweet on any account is rted on all of the other accounts.

I have two accounts 350k, 225k that are growing around 300-400 followers per day, and my tweets on any account when rted on every other account, average around 80-150k impressions and 500-1000 likes. I have another account over 250k, and 3 over 130k.

Currently, I do rt promotions to people who reach out to me from people looking to dropship products to comedian accounts trying to get exposure on their tweets. These people mainly dm me, so I am interested if anyone knows a good website for twitter influencer/large accounts to connect to brands looking for promotion.

I am thinking about advertising on fiverr as well, and would be interested to hear if anyone has had success selling shoutouts on there. If so what is the best way to word a promotion to avoid being banned by fiverr and/or twitter.

also if anyone has had success with doing affiliate marketing on twitter, what would be your recommended affiliate website.
You can try these, if you want to get paid to tweet:
Have you had any past experience with either of those websites?
I can't say, i do. But they are around for quite some time, so i assume, they're legit. and others long time ago, but those sites are either non-functional now or changed profile.
yeah alot of the sites i had previously monetized these accounts with seem to be gone. I will check both of those sites out, I am trying to find out if anyone has had successful experience this year with a specific influencer site.

Thanks for the reply
Please PM the links and rate that you would like to charge per tweet & quote tweet for each account.
I own an agency that matches brands with influencers and can help you monetise. Could you send me the links to your twitter pages so i can check them out?
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