twitter money

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    Monetizing 1.2 Million Followers on Twitter

    I was wondering if anyone had any unique/proven ideas or business propositions on how to monetize my twitter followers. I have 7 meme accounts with a combined 1.2 million followers and every tweet on any account is rted on all of the other accounts. I have two accounts 350k, 225k that are...
  2. F

    Twitter&Adult Website journey to atleast 5$ a day

    I will mainly monetize this with mobile redirects, but also if someone opens my site on PC, I will try to convert it to PPL offer. I will be monetizing it via: plug,juicy,CR and chatur I have MP with 6 month license, so I will give this a try for atleast 6 months. I have 20 Proxies From...
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    Growing a Twitter Account

    I have recently started growing a Twitter account and my target for the near future is 100k followers. I have done my research across several sources (including this site) and have made a 'plan'. The first thing I did was email a few accounts with 1million + followers in the same niche as my...
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    Best Twitter Money Making Guide ????

    Hello, I would like to find out what the best high quality Twitter money making guide there is out there? I am prepared to pay for this guide :) Thanks
  5. C

    [Method] Make easy money with twitter for noobs, No inital investment!

    Hey guys this is my first tutorial so don't be to harsh :) I am going to show you how to make easy money with twitter with no initial investment. Note: I am only in the early stages of this method myself, so i can not promise anything. It is just an idea that i thought would be worth sharing...
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    Easiest Method to Make 50$/day

    Hello BHW friends 1 Week before I found out 1 method that should be categorize as easiest method to make money online so I decide to share with you guys. I hope can share this method privately in BHW and not some smartass pack this and sell it in DP :D So how is work? Basically is with your...
  7. C

    Finally Got Paid by RevTwt thru Paypal ($20). Automated! PROOF.

    Finally got paid by RevTwt! FINALLY, A legit way to make money on Twitter. Even tho it's pennies. haha I was going to post on the other RevTwt threads that were talking about how "RevTwt Doesn't pay", or "RevTwt is a scam!" but I figured I would kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone here. At least we...
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