Easiest Method to Make 50$/day


May 18, 2009
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Hello BHW friends 1 Week before I found out 1 method that should be categorize as easiest method to make money online so I decide to share with you guys.

I hope can share this method privately in BHW and not some smartass pack this and sell it in DP :D

So how is work? Basically is with your twitter account and twtmob.

Grab an account at:
My Ref Link:
Non Ref Link:
When Register:
"Choose your country as US if even you are not and tick all the boxes. You know what I mean"

How much can you earn with this?
Basically is depends on how much follower in your twitter account.

If you have 10,000 followers:
For my experience, those campaign average pay you 8.6$ per tweet if you have 10,000 followers in your twitter account.
The best thing is the campaign usually last for at least 10days and you can tweet it everyday!
Yes, you earn a total $86 per campaign.

Imagine you have 10 account of 10,000 followers and they have 10 campaign in twtmob? Do the math:)

If you have 50+k followers congrats to you, you can earn instant good money.

If not?

Tips and Trick Part:
Getting follower,

Method 1:
Place you can get thousands of followers very fast for free!

My advice is use a fake facebook account connect to twiends.com and like all the page. It's the fastest way to get seeds.

With this method you would have no problem to get 1k followers everyday.

Method 2:
This method would be faster if you got money to invest.
Just go to fiverr there to buy followers, best deal there is 1k-2k per gig if not mistaken.

Method 3:
Maybe you would like to buy tweet attack instead?

Thanks and Rep are welcome. Cheers!:D
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Waiting for comment ... This's sound quite good ... Need 500 usd for a new laptop ^^ .
have you been paid from this method and how often do they pay is it weekly or monthly
Same question here as above, have you ever been paid ?

Though the website looks promising and worth giving it a try but still it would be great if you have been ever paid yet.
have you been paid from this method and how often do they pay is it weekly or monthly

Yes.I have been paid twice.

When and how can I collect my earnings?
Once you accumulate more than $50 in your account, and you have been a twtMob member for more than 30 days you can click Withdrawal Request under Manage Profiles to request a withdrawal. Your request will be processed on the 1st of the month after an eligible request. Request a withdrawal on the 15th of March and payment will be received April 1st.
Cool. Can I add more than one account ?
I have around 500 twitter accounts with 300+ followers in each.
I've read on the feedback thing that says there haven't been campaigns for months?

That's why I am asking you guys to tick all the interest boxes and choose your country as US to receive priority campaign.

For me I am receiving 3-5 campaign weekly.
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