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  1. fxkool

    is it worth driving traffic from social media in 2020?

    hi all, just wondering if its still worth rolling social media traffic in 2020 for affiliate marketers? I am in health niche (e.g. dietary supps) and given recent google algo updates its getting harder to maintain solid organic traffic, not speaking about CTR and conversions. Thanks,
  2. MrT131

    Monetizing Making Money Traffic

    Hey BHW, what do you think is the best affiliate network for people like me that want to monetize their “make money” traffic?
  3. H

    Monetizing 1.2 Million Followers on Twitter

    I was wondering if anyone had any unique/proven ideas or business propositions on how to monetize my twitter followers. I have 7 meme accounts with a combined 1.2 million followers and every tweet on any account is rted on all of the other accounts. I have two accounts 350k, 225k that are...
  4. DuelMaster

    How to Cloak IG affiliate links?

    Pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking to cloak some affiliate links from Maxbounty on spam IG accounts. Currently researching it. Feedback greatly appreciated.
  5. Viniyois

    Social Media Based PPC Networks? [Mylikes Alt]

    Hey, I am looking for Mylikes alternatives for advertisement. They got shot down and I've been looking for similar PPC based service since then without result. Other alternatives that are still active do not offer advertisement services, but publishing only. I know some people were looking...
  6. emvam

    Need help on facebook page plan

    Hello guys. I need suggestion frm you all. Actually i wanna make some niche related Facebook Community Page. If i work each day and after 6months if i can manage 5k real likes on each page and after that if i monetize each page with affiliate/cpa/teespring. How much i can earn from each page...
  7. J

    How to tell from the page or link a specific affiliate network it belongs to?

    How can I tell from a link that a specific affiliate network it belongs to (if it does belong to a certain network like Oasis, Adexchanger, Click bank etc)? I ask this because I'm developing a tool about this, I'd like to speak to anyone who has knowledge or idea so you can suggest me on this...
  8. wangh0727

    need a digital marketing expert

    i am looking to hire a digital marketing expert. need to optimize email collection via an ebook and blog posts we create on our website, backlinking to our website as well as get more exposure for instagram content (not looking for services similar to followliker, massplanner, etc...) would...
  9. casperwebs

    Instagram Earning How to?

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I have read this post about Instagram earning - I work in SEO agency so have knowledge and resource to work on perfect marketing plan. First, I link to know how to...
  10. M

    Youtube account suspension Problem

    Hello BHW members. I need help for my youtube account and channel. i create a youtube account and a adsense account 4 month ago .i monitize my youtube account and create some tutorial videos for a channel. after i did This i want to make some extra money so i create another channel for cpa. i...
  11. yasin2106

    Looking to buy shout outs for my page - Casino/Gambling niche - Australian/Canadian

    Looking to buy Facebook shares of my posts. Looking for Australian/Canadian pages. Want to break into the gambling/Casino Niche. Content to be shared will be an offer for the casino or some humor content. want to gain GENUINE audience or Refer people to casino. The page is SpinPalace on...
  12. J

    Looking for a useable affiliate program

    I'm an activ twitter user with over 325,000 followers on my personal account, I've been looking for a way to turn it into a side source of income and I've looked into affiliate programs, The ones I've come accross pay very poorly and you have to post a lot of strange content. My question is...
  13. K

    Making CPA link look like a domain

    Hello good people, i am promoting a CPA offer by use of direct link but for some reason, it looks spammy. Does anyone of you, know how i can make an offer Link look like a real domain? And also, is it advisable to use direct link when promoting offers in social media - the offer allows that...
  14. C

    Looking for Someone With Large Social Media Presence to Promote App

    Hello I am looking for someone who has a blog or large social audience to promote my app. It is a paid app, but we can discuss in greater detail if you wish. Skype: sappster11. Thanks :)
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