[METHOD] DA 78 Free Do-Follow Backlink

I didn't find the place the URL, is it removed now?
Account settings -> Company Profile -> "You will see an edit icon in the shape of a pencil"
However I'm not sure it's do fo. Anyway, registration is very fast, can be a place to put backlinks
Thanks for sharing. Good method and still working on 2023.

Great link if you're doing SEO for an startup/finance.
Okay so since there are so many great people and shares here I thought it was my time to contribute.

The do-follow link is from the website: https://gust(dot)com/ and is DA78 according to Ahrefs.

How to get it:

1. Go to Gust and sign up as a Startup
2. Fill out all the information regarding your "company"
3. When all information is filled and you have insterted the URL to your website navigate in the top right corner to "Account Settings"
4. Click on "Manage Companies" and Publish your company and Voila your link is now live and can be indexed with a do-follow rel.

In order to index the link there are multiple good solutions, but do your own preferred method.

Feel free to reach out if you have any trouble.
Thank you for the important information.
It amazes me that anyone that calls themselves an SEO thinks these types of links are worth anything. Like seriously, with everything we know about how Google has changed their algorithm over the last and years, how we have seen them adjust to fight link spam, it's quite clear that relevance means much more than DA. A link like this that is not relevant to your niche at all will do nothing for your SEO other than show Google that you will build any link you can, regardless of if it is relevant or not, A.K.A. willing to link spam. Basically, you are just putting a target on your back by building a link like this.
Seriously ? How then you did survive in SEO overall, I did created profile thanks for this share and have raised there fake startup, completed all fields with fake datasheets to look fine after that and be legal, I did have announced it on my main website, guess what happened after, if you don't apply your creativity for possible opportunity someone will do, i did.

I'm very thankful for this share, Google bot after indexing this backlink, tired with quality backlink did magic for my site, indexing speed increased like 2000%.


Thanks again.
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