[METHOD] DA 78 Free Do-Follow Backlink

great share thanks i have done it now , any does anyone can provide me with a website that checks all my backlinks for free ?
Okay so since there are so many great people and shares here I thought it was my time to contribute.

The do-follow link is from the website: https://gust(dot)com/ and is DA78 according to Ahrefs.

How to get it:

1. Go to Gust and sign up as a Startup
2. Fill out all the information regarding your "company"
3. When all information is filled and you have insterted the URL to your website navigate in the top right corner to "Account Settings"
4. Click on "Manage Companies" and Publish your company and Voila your link is now live and can be indexed with a do-follow rel.

In order to index the link there are multiple good solutions, but do your own preferred method.

Feel free to reach out if you have any trouble.

Thanks for time taken to write this, I've followed the steps and manage to publish my company details, will be looking for best indexing method next as this will be my first backlink in SEO land. Wish me luck!
Thank you for this. It works like a charm. But indeed a lot of data needs to be added in order to get the page published
Can you tell us what data you have put to publish the company profile. I have already added a lot and it doesn't let me.

Thank you very much for the backlink!
Thanks mate, worked fine.

And to clear up the data you need to fill go to :
gust. com/companies/<your company name>/dashboard
Then click on the 'Complete Profile' checkmark.

That will give you a bunch of text boxes to fill with random info, once you fill all of them, you get the option to publish profile and make it public from Account Settings > Manage Companies.
En primer lugar, "BLACKHAT" no significa que no funcione. Pero en este caso particular, puedo decirte ahora mismo que un enlace desde ese sitio el 99,99% de las veces no ayudará a tu clasificación de ninguna manera. A menos que seas el fundador de una startup. Pero si, por ejemplo, está en el espacio de afiliados de CBD y está tratando de obtener clasificaciones para su sitio afiliado de CBD, este enlace no lo ayudará en absoluto. Nisiquiera en lo mas minimo. De hecho, un enlace de Linkedin vale lo mismo que un enlace de este sitio de Gust.

Literalmente, si cualquiera puede construir un enlace (literalmente cualquiera), entonces ese enlace probablemente no tenga ningún valor (o valga tanto como un enlace en un tweet o publicar un enlace en Facebook) desde la perspectiva de Google y también desde un SEO "aumentando su clasificación". " perspectiva.

No es negativo decir esto. Es verdad.

It amazes me that anyone that calls themselves an SEO thinks these types of links are worth anything. Like seriously, with everything we know about how Google has changed their algorithm over the last and years, how we have seen them adjust to fight link spam, it's quite clear that relevance means much more than DA. A link like this that is not relevant to your niche at all will do nothing for your SEO other than show Google that you will build any link you can, regardless of if it is relevant or not, A.K.A. willing to link spam. Basically, you are just putting a target on your back by building a link like this.
Which strategy do You recommend me ?
Can you give some advice, please
Sure. Stop looking for easy and quick ways to build links. Building real links that will have an impact on your rankings takes a lot of time and effort. Either you have to create great content that naturally attracts links (very hard to do, but by far the best links you can get for any SEO strategy) or you have to reach out to niche relevant sites and negotiate some kind of link (editorial links are best).

Stop thinking "more is better" for link building. It's not. A hand full of relevant, quality links, is worth more than hundreds (if not thousands) of links from sites like gust.

Basically there are no shortcuts. If you want to do SEO that will be successful in the long run, you have to put in the work.
While I agree that the backlink with relevance is more valuable than a random backlink, I believe there is no harm to have this free do-follow backlink in your profile. So I will just go for it.

Thank you OP, for sharing this. I am much pleased with your approach to give it back to the community in whichever form possible. :)
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