[METHOD] $100 per Day Content Marketing with Reddit SEO


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Feb 27, 2018
Reddit is a massive untapped opportunity for all kinds of internet marketing. The site receives over 40% of its traffic from the US, with that percentage going even higher for some subreddits. That’s out of a total of over 1.6 billion unique visits per month as of last month. There are literally hundreds of millions of potential customers in just about any niche you’re operating in.

Even better? Reddit links count as backlinks passing on SEO value once you pass at least 3 upvotes on the post (Reddit’s way of avoiding passing link juice to spammy content).

The best part? It’s all gameable and with some effort you can get just about anything significant amounts of traffic, viral marketing opportunities and SEO benefits.

Personally I have used Reddit to link to articles on my site (selling a product) for two reasons. First, it passes on significant SEO value.

More importantly it provides by *far* the best ROI in terms of investment of my time and money of any marketing method I have found so far. Once you have a quality post and give it enough votes early on if your post catches on it can end up reaching tens of millions of people as it moves up the front page.

My record has been 36,000 views on one of my articles, but for the small investment into upvotes and time spent writing a creative title, the ROI on that was well worth it.

So what’s the method?

  1. Choose Your Content Well:
    While Reddit’s voting system provides an opportunity for you to get exposure for just about any content, anything that’s spammy/irrelevant *will* get downvoted unless you’re willing to spend thousands on upvotes. Put the time into creating good, relevant content for whatever niche you’re targeting that provides real value. The SEO benefits and the huge traffic you can get by doing this right more than outweigh the time spent creating good content, and that content is good for your sites in the long term as well.
  2. Choose the Best Subreddit:
    You can do this a number of ways. Sites like RedditList.com have lists of the top subreddits by traffic that you can use, or just by browsing Reddit generally. It isn’t always a good idea to go for the higher traffic subreddit, because smaller more targeted subs might like your content more and they’ll be easier to get to the top spot on. I have very consistently been #1 in subs with around 100k+ subscribers with content that would be difficult to rank on the first page of some larger subs. Choose wisely and try to spend some time getting to know the top posts in that sub and what works there before you post.
  3. Write an Effective Title:
    For the same reason as the last step, get to know the sub you choose to post in. See what kind of titles work in the subreddit. Generally, on Reddit successful titles tend to be longer, well written in a non-spammy/marketing way, and better if they’re funny or interesting in some way leaving out some detail that gets people to click. On this you should have experience writing titles for your articles anyway, but try a few titles, posts, and subreddits and see what works for you. Once you get the hang of it it’s a tremendous traffic source.
  4. Take Advantage of Early Voting:
    Reddit’s voting system works in a way whereby the votes you get early on dictate your ranking. What that means is that by getting some extra votes right after posting you’ll push your post to be seen by many more people who will then hopefully upvote themselves and create a snowball effect of more traffic and more upvotes. As I mentioned earlier having many upvotes is also crucial for SEO purposes, because links only count as ******** if they’re upvoted.
  5. The Secret to Crushing Your First Hour:
    To get that early vote boost, you have a few options. One, you can create a bunch of accounts yourself and vote for your own content. This risks getting banned unless you’re very careful and use different emails, IPs etc. for each account.
    I use Reddit upvote services that provide votes for around $0.25 each. A lot of these will offer big packages of 500 upvotes or something, but you do *not* need that much if you have good content. Go for something small like 25 votes and see how it works out.
    There are a number of providers of upvotes on this sub and on Google you can find like BoostUpvotes, Upvotes Club etc.
    Make sure you buy the votes immediately after posting so you are taking advantage of the bump while your post is fresh, making Reddit’s algorithm see that your post is popular early on and leading it to be displayed higher up the ranking.
As an aside you also want to be posting from an established account. The first few times I posted to Reddit some of my posts would end up shadowbanned, where it looks like the post went up but nobody else can see it because it has been flagged as spam either by Reddit’s algorithm or by a moderator. You can find places to buy Reddit accounts through Google/searching BHW or just create your own and make some activity for them yourself.

Because I’m constantly creating content for my sites anyway, the extra time for doign this method when I have content that fits well with Reddit is barely anything compared to the results you get. I buy 25-50 upvotes each time (there are sellers in the Marketplace). You can honestly go with less if you’re posting on a small subreddit and still get great results. Experiment and see what works. With some content you don’t even need the bump but it’s a good way to ensure the best performance by making sure people ignoring your post early on doesn’t doom it.

Let me know your guys marketing tactics with Reddit and any other methods like this that most marketers aren’t taking advantage of. Hope this helps and glad to be on the forum!
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What is the size of the subreddits that you are usually targeting?
Also how many words do you usually use per post?
The shadow ban is real with newly created accounts with no karma. I would suggest spending some time building each account so that they look active. Can easily be done by posting some cute animal pictures or something. People on those types of Subs seem to up vote anything with a catchy title.
This sounds great. I once tried reddit, but never got much out of it. After this, I'm defo giving it another shot
I consider take reddit into My SEO plans and bookmarked this guide ,, thank u
No problem it really is an untapped market. Subreddits are niche targeted, high quality links that Google takes into account. In all honestly I like it more as a marketer than more spammy linking tactics. This way you're building a real client base and quality content base that will bring long term SEO value in addition to the Reddit backlinks.
Reddit is not the first place I thing about to make money, never thought about it but seems like a legit strategy to use SEO with. Nice thread for sure.
Yeah Reddit is good, the downside is that they are more tech savvy than the average internet user & will tear you apart if your trying to sell shit/cpa + most users are using adblock aswell. The comment section is actually insane for traffic too, my best results were just being as authentic as possible + on a super niche relevant post - give it a few upvotes and watch it climb!
Yeah Reddit is good, the downside is that they are more tech savvy than the average internet user & will tear you apart if your trying to sell shit/cpa + most users are using adblock aswell. The comment section is actually insane for traffic too, my best results were just being as authentic as possible + on a super niche relevant post - give it a few upvotes and watch it climb!
Definitely don't recommend for spammy content, but if you're building a legit business Reddit is hard to beat and untapped. Reddit can blow up organically like no other site I've ever seen and is one of the few that is that easy to game (to a certain extent) by buying Reddit upvotes and getting some good discussion going with your accounts.
Thanks for this post. i'm gonna try this strategy Do you put your money site link when the article you post on reddit is on top or just post it the same time you post an article on reddit?
Example. My money site has a review on "best message chairs" Then I create an article about massage chairs on reddit. Should I add link immediately?
Reddit is a gold mine. I remember when I started my first WordPress based news site. Posted one of the news links on Reddit and had over 70k pageviews on a single post! The fun didn't last for long as the traffic got too much and my host plan couldn't handle it.
Been wanting to try this, but I`m thinking about monetization. Adsense? Affiliate offers? Ecom? What do you think works best with reddit traffic?
Thank you!
This is the first time I ever heard about SEO using Reddit. I will try this method.

What if I write a unique article with 2000+ words and post it on Reddit and give a backlink to my Adsense website?
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