Measures and Rules on how Youtube Counts its Views(Detailed Version)

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    So many people are asking questions about "frozen views"
    So many people have asked questions about frozen views
    or "stuck views" that I decided to spend considerable time
    investigating this issue.

    First of all, I hope you're aware that YouTube has radically
    changed the way it counts "views". Gone are the old days
    when a simple "click" meant a "view". Lots of people were
    falsely inflating their own "views" this way, or using "spam
    bots" and "increasers" to artificially generate those "views",
    trying to make their videos appear more popular than they
    really were. Here is what YouTube wrote during the spring:

    But there were several things YouTube never said. And all
    the discussion boards/threads/forums I have come across
    haven't said a thing either, thus I may have some answers:

    For the first 300 views (sometimes it'll stop at around 350),
    "all is fair" -- meaning it does not matter how those "views"
    were generated, cheating or otherwise. They're permanent.
    After that, YouTube checks up on those views to see how
    many were actually "legitimate". If YouTube feels that any
    of them were suspicious, they will actually freeze the view
    count until the number of "real views" hits that 300 mark --
    or in extreme cases, they will behind-the-scenes reset the
    counter and wait until the video gets 300 "real views".

    What exactly is a "real view"? For the YouTube "AdSense"
    program, CTRs (Click-through Ratios) are only considered
    after 30 seconds of a video. Thus, in order for real views to
    take effect and count, a video has to be played at least 30
    seconds -- or the entire length of a video if it's shorter than

    Why are videos stuck at 301, 308, or 315? YouTube won't
    ever tell you (or anyone) this, but most ordinary videos get
    1 "rating" for about every 200 to 300 views, while the extra
    popular videos get 1 rating for about every 50 or 100. Thus
    anything which "deviates" from those norms is considered
    suspicious. (I'm pretty sure that YouTube probably has an
    equivalent formula for "comments", but I do not know what
    those minimums/maximums might be).

    Also taken into consideration would be: 1 -- the number of
    different computers that have watched your video, 2 -- how
    many of those views were actually derived from the "same"
    computers, and 3 -- the "pace" at which people clicked on
    your video. If you have friends who legitimately watch your
    video, but do it repeatedly maybe every few minutes/hours,
    I believe that only some of those views count, and that the
    others are set aside.

    YouTube (and Google) have statistics for everything, more
    than we'll ever know. Thus, I'm sure there are other factors
    too -- like the "proportionality" of those views compared to
    your previous video(s). In other words, if before all this you
    were only getting 5 views a day, how can it be that all of a
    sudden you're getting 300 if your total subscribers has not
    gone up significantly?

    All this explains why your video views won't move for days
    while the person who uploaded Susan Boyle and "Britain's
    Got Talent" had over 20,000,000 after just a couple weeks:

    • those numbers were not derived from "bots",
    • people watched for more than 30+ seconds,
    • the ratings are not "disproportionate" at all,
    • tons of computers have watched this video,
    • nobody re-clicked after only a few seconds,
    • there's no way that Susan Boyle had that many "friends"
    on YouTube before she became famous, all of them trying
    to inflate the views of somebody else's video.

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    See, I'm not sure if this is even confirmation bias...But I swear I've seen lots of videos stuck on a view number and wondered why so many videos have ~300 views. ...But then the video goes viral and shoots to 18,000 views. I see "18" a lot too. /coffee paranoia

    I don't think, since 2006, I've seen video views increasing organically. Hell, in 2006, you could see the view counter go up when you refresh. I haven't seen that in a while (maybe it's because I block scripts from running?)
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