youtube view count cheat

  1. R_Fatale

    Youtube Views & Programs?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a program that will allow me to open up multiple Chrome accounts that are already logged into my computer at separate but specific times. They must also open up each of their tabs that are already set to specific pages (YT videos). Any idea if there are such...
  2. lambofgods

    Measures and Rules on how Youtube Counts its Views(Detailed Version)

    So many people are asking questions about "frozen views" So many people have asked questions about frozen views or "stuck views" that I decided to spend considerable time investigating this issue. First of all, I hope you're aware that YouTube has radically changed the way it counts "views"...
  3. C

    Youtube views count cheat: fake,real i don't care

    hello i need somebody able to send me views and bypass the F*king youtube video freezing ... contact me if you can do this job
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