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Mass instagram account advice and tips!

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Coco, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Coco

    Coco Newbie

    Jun 12, 2017
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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here so if i say anything thats been said i apologize in advance.

    I have recently started creating multiple instagram accounts.

    I started with 50 proxies (for 100 accounts) and have been using follow liker. (2 accounts per proxy)

    I started off with 10 accounts last week and really took time with bios and added around 10 photos, and started off on low settings, only following 50-70 people for the first week.

    I came up with a great strategy and plan with around 4 tactics listed below to gain popularity on my main account as well as make money.

    Tactic 1 - *Shout out tactic* - by creating 100 accounts, i would gain 1000 followers (at the very least) per month, thats 100,000 follower audience to shout out my main account to!

    Tactic 2 - *Interlink tactic* - use each account to like eachothers posts and follow eachother. e.g if account A posts an image, it would immediately get 99 likes by the other accounts etc and grow using hashtags and locations getting it into some top post sections!

    Tactic 3 - Obviously a *shout out* tactic, where in a few months i could focus on 10-50 accounts with hopefully around 10k followers and charge even £2-3 per shout out, if i did 30 per day thats around £90 per day (although until i can charge a premium for shout outs i understand i will need to put in a lot of time on small shout outs!)

    Tactic 4 - Basically mentioned above in the interlink tactic but *Hashtag / Location tactic* - using 100+ bots to get my main accounts into top post sections and for locations

    Anyway over the weekend i finished the rest of the accounts

    So this brings me to my first obstacle! I had the 10 accounts listed above going great! for every 4 follows i would gain 1 follower on average :)

    HOWEVER... i added the rest of the account to folllow liker and copied each username of each of the accounts into one account e.g "normal search" "query" "@username" and replaced the settings onto the rest of my 100 accounts.


    does anyone know why this happened?, i think the issue may have been too many blank/new accounts finding eachother and liking, all in the space of minutes, it was very robotic.. i am hoping if i warm each account up and follow my other accounts individually (e.g use Account A to follow the rest of the accounts then move onto account B etc. Instead of telling follow liker to follow eachother all at one.. :| oops! Next time i will try interlinking 10 accounts and not 100

    Luckily i bought 100 sim cards and i got some of them back, but even after phone verification some of the accounts are deleted, i only got around 25 back.

    Hope others can share their experience with anything mentioned above.

    I can let you know my long term plan in detail later but ideally i wanted to set up 500 accounts, that would be 1000 followers at least per account, per month - therefore - at least 500,000 audience per month to shout out my main account which i can use for my business. (that would be at least, 6,000,000 audience per year to shout out my main account and get lots of organic followers through the top post section.
  2. catwithhat

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    I'm just starting something similar. I want to see my posts on the popular page.