mass account

  1. D

    EMail Mass Creation: No JS Providers?

    Trying to create mass email accounts, any email providers that don't require java script to register Thanks a lot!
  2. Costelus

    Need Help with Instagram Mass accounts

    Hey. I am trying to run 70 instagram accounts in Jarvee. I buy the accounts from Valar 3-8 years old accounts and use them with one ipv4 per account. The problem is that after I add them in jarvee and warm-ul them for 7-8 days, after 10-12 days they get disabled. I have lost over 60 accounts...
  3. Costelus

    Need help with Instagram Mass accounts

    Hey. I am running instagram mass account one month and half so far. In the start the things work good but now have such an annoying problem that I cannot fix. -I don't get suspicious activity -0 pva -follow up to 150 users per day -the profile are setted up with one sexy girl per profile (2-3...
  4. Costelus

    Little Problem with Instagram Mass accounts booting

    Hey. I am making instagram booting a month so far and learned everything from 0. Now I have fixed all my proxy, vps, bot , pva and prelanders problems but I was left with only one problem. I get follow action blocks much often that is normal I think. I create my own accounts, one per ipv4 proxy...
  5. Gabriel Damian

    Follow-Liker & OpenVpn | Help

    Hello guys. I have bought a Follow-Liker license and want start running 20 Twitter accounts on a specific niche, but don`t know exactly how to add corectly my vpns to this. (Have OpenVPN) Tried something like 127.0.01:username: password but don`t work. Support don`t respond, so please help me...
  6. C

    Mass instagram account advice and tips!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here so if i say anything thats been said i apologize in advance. I have recently started creating multiple instagram accounts. I started with 50 proxies (for 100 accounts) and have been using follow liker. (2 accounts per proxy) I started off with 10...
  7. KORO22

    About IG and MP. Can MP change account bio, info?

    I want to work with IG+MP ,but need to change my account bio, can i do i from MP?
  8. ergoprime

    Using Mass Planner and 30 Accounts for Instagram Follower farming

    I heard of a fellow blackhatworld member, who earned quite a bit money with making around 5 to 10 IG acc and using Mass Planner and Proxies to post and follower other people automaticely. Since 4 months I use around a dozen IG acc to earn follower. I use a not so bad IG-Bot, which I found on...
  9. gramdemon

    looking for youtube mass video downloader

    is there any bot ? please guys help me ...!
  10. I

    [free] 500 mass retweet favorite and follow list

    500 FREE ACCOUNT IDS TO DO MASS RETWEET/FAVORITE/FOLLOW These list are so cool I create them So I figured I would Share With The World!! Download Them Here: DOWNLOAD THE BOT AS WELL THERE TO USE THEM WITH !
  11. Thub15

    What's Best to Intice clicks and conversions?

    In your opinion, what's the best hook to get those people to click that link and complete your offer? Do you offer downloads, ebooks, music, videos, games? Just struggling with CPA and Youtube right now. Any thoughts? Got VMB and MVB and 70 accounts working for me.