Using Mass Planner and 30 Accounts for Instagram Follower farming

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by ergoprime, Feb 1, 2017.

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    I heard of a fellow blackhatworld member, who earned quite a bit money with making around 5 to 10 IG acc and using Mass Planner and Proxies to post and follower other people automaticely. Since 4 months I use around a dozen IG acc to earn follower. I use a not so bad IG-Bot, which I found on github . I have around 16k all in all, but I want to step to the next level with mass planner and proxies, because my new accs get banned really quickly. I think it's because I use the same IP for all accounts.

    So here what I want to know:

    Does the mass planner only functions as a reminder for my IG-Posts (like buffer or houtsuite) or does he post them without me verifying my posts on my smartphone?

    If mass planner only functions as a reminder, does that mean I have to use proxies for my smartphone? Because I have to login to the right account to post the pics and I could get banned if I log into 30 different accounts with the same IP.

    Regardless whether I need proxies for my smartphone or only for my accounts on mass planner, which proxies can you recommend? Do they have to be private proxies or are public proxies also okay?

    How many accounts can I use for one proxy? I heard 3 are okay, what's your experience?

    Please share your IG/Mass Planner/Proxies experience with me. I am dedicated to learn from you!
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    massplaner posts automaticlly and is completlly seprate from your phone. also you need to pay a one time fee to unlock the repost module.

    private proxies are much better. 1-3 accounts per proxy is fine.

    massplaner can do pretty much everything you can think of and works fine, there is a bit of a learning curve but once you understand it its a great tool.