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Marketplace Thread Bumping - When can you post in your sales thread?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Sellers' started by I know SEO, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. I know SEO

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    Nov 29, 2012
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    Despite the marketplace rules clearly stating what you can and can't do on your own marketplace thread, lots of sellers seem to be picking up careless warnings for breaking our rules.

    I'm hoping this thread clears up any confusion around the marketplace and hopefully stops users getting warnings for something as simple as thread bumping. While the rules are simple the consequences can be a little brutal, users who continue to bump their sales threads after being warned will have their threads shut.

    Thread bumping is considered to be spam, if you are unfairly gaming the system by keeping your thread bumped with any sort of system such as fake profiles, asking your friends to leave comments or by any other means we will close your thread and you could lose the ability to sell on BHW.

    Current Marketplace Thread Bumping Rules
    Source: The Marketplace Rules

    What is thread bumping?
    When members post on a thread this thread will be moved to the top of the sub forum. This keeps relevant and recent topics at the top of a forum for users to find, and lets older topics that no one is interested in anymore to slowly disappear down into the deeper pages.

    Obviously, if you own a sales thread on BHW you probably want your marketplace thread to be at the top of the sub forum for as long as possible so that users will always see your products first... Thankfully BHW offers this as an additional service.

    If you are interested in a sticky thread please fill in the advertising form here. A member of our team will be in touch soon and will assist you in sorting this. Paying for a sticky thread will keep your thread at the top of the sub forum at all times so you don't need to worry about thread bumping. This means more users will see your product and buy from you.

    Please note that buying a sticky thread will not allow you to break our rules, please continue reading even if you plan on doing this.

    When can we post on our threads?
    Hopefully this super simple diagram will explain if you can post on your sales thread.


    How do I quote responses into one post?
    Quoting all your replies together into a single post is very easy. At the bottom right of each post is a "+ Quote" button.


    Press this on every post you wish to reply to. When this is done simply scroll to the bottom of the page and under the standard reply block click on "Insert Quotes".


    This will show your quoted message, simply add in your replies below each quoted message and press "Post Reply" as normal.


    When a member's post is quoted like this they also received an alert from BlackHatWorld to make sure they see it. There is no need to follow up with the member in any other way.

    Can I promote my offer or coupon every day?
    No, as the rules clearly state you may only promote an offer, coupon or buy now button every 72 hours. This includes promoting old reviews or anything else designed to promote your offer.

    Can I post twice every three days?
    If this is how you read the rules you are very mistaken. No, you cannot do this. You cannot post more than once in your thread in a 24 hour period, ever.

    Every 72 hours you can add your coupon/offer/discount code/reviews to your standard daily reply.

    If no one has posted on your thread in 72 hours, you may post your offer as a standalone reply.

    I have an email blast on Friday, can I bump my thread early?
    For some reason people who buy advertising, email blasts or stickies seem to think that this allows them to get around our rules and purposely break them. This is not the case.

    All users who sell on BHW are expected to play by the same rules. If you are planning on running a promotion or sale based around something like an email blast you need to plan your thread bumps around this

    My thread went live today, can I post more than once just for the first day?
    No, there are no exceptions to these rules.

    Can I delete my own post then post again?
    No, this will get your thread shut and you will lose the ability to sell. Gaming the system with silly tricks such as this will get you caught. The rules should be seen as how we want the marketplace to operate in spirit. If you think you have found a loophole to the rules and you are gaming our forum, we will find out, we will stop it and we will close your thread. We have no tolerance for this.

    Can I encourage my customers to post in my thread?

    No, this is a example of gaming the system and is the exact kind of behaviour we want to stop. If you are caught doing this you are risking your account being warned and your thread being shut.

    Hope this helps.
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