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Jun 1, 2018
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2.0 Update!

If you want to respond to a certain part of another member's post, or respond to multiple posts all at once, the quote functionality is going to be really useful. We also advise people to use this feature if they're replying to lots of questions or messages on a marketplace thread, to avoid thread bumping.

So how do you post a quote?

Find a post that you want to quote and highlight the text that you want included in the quote:


You will notice that a tiny menu appears, that says '+ Quote | Reply' directly underneath the text you have highlighted. There is also the option to '+ Quote' in the bottom menu bar.

When you click '+ Quote' a banner will appear at the top of your browser, that says 'Message added to multi-quote'. This will disappear after a moment, so quickly, in fact, that I haven't managed to screenshot it.

You can add as many messages as you would like to the multi-quote feature. When you have quoted all of the posts that you want to refer to, scroll down to create your post.

In the text editor you will see a button at the very bottom which says 'Insert quotes...':

Quote 2.png

Click this button and you will be taken to the multi-quote functionality, which will open in a pop-up window:

Quote 3.png

Here, you can delete any you've changed your mind about by clicking the 'Remove' button on the far right hand side, and then click 'Quote messages' when you are happy with the quotes you've selected.

The quotes will be pasted into your text editor box, and you can respond to each one individually, or all of them together, depending on your response:

Quote 4.png

Then click 'Post reply' and the members that you have quoted will be sent an alert, so that they know you've responded to them.


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Really cool way to pick out a key component to a members sentence and reply.
I almost thought this was the only way we could send a message until I found out you can scroll to the bottom to do that. But the reply button makes it easy to just respond to someone
getting insight on Thread Bumping...How to go about Reduction on Thread Bumping??
im new in BHW this really amazing because i see this many times but dont know how to use this ,ill will use this later .
I searched "upgrade",but I got nothing.:(
Could you please give me suggestion about "upgrade"?
I want to know how to jr & prim account.
Thank you very much.
I was trying to figure out how to do this I'm glad I saw a link to this post in another post because I had no idea. Hopefully me commenting will make it visible to others who may not know how to do multi quotes.
I've been doing this the hard way, pressing "Reply" on every comment when I multi quote lol
Here is how to use the multiquote feature -

Party on!
Great content! Will it also count towards my reaction score when a member quote one of my messages rather than replying to my messages?
Great content! Will it also count towards my reaction score when a member quote one of my messages rather than replying to my messages?
No, only when you post. Otherwise, if 100 members quote the same post, your post count would go to 100 when in reality you only made 1 post.
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