[Lynda's learning path] Become a digital marketer FULL (very soon...)

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Aug 9, 2016
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Hey guys, just wanted to make you know that I'll be sharing the full Lynda's learning path to become a digital maketer.

Use your analytical and tactical skills to help grow and develop new opportunities for businesses as a digital marketer. From marketing plans and content strategy to lead generation and SEO, this path guides you through the best practices and principles of digital marketing.

This learning path contains:

8 certified SEO courses.

# Online marketing fundamentals by Brad Batesole #

- Digital Marketing strategy
- Exploring digital marketing
- Starting with a website
- Foundation of analytics
- Search engine optimization
- Search and display Marketing
- Social media marketing
- Video marketing
- Email marketing
- Content marketing
- Mobile marketing
- Expanding your digital marketing skills


# SEO Fundamentals by David Booth #

- Overview of SEO
- Keywords: The foundation of SEO
- Content optimization: How search engines and people view webpages
- Content optimization: Technical SEO
- Long-term content planning
- Link building strategies
- Mesuring SEO effectiveness
- SEO of ecommerce
- Local search
- Mobile SEO


# Google Analytics Essential Training by Brad Batesole #

- Core concepts
- Navigating the Interface
- Using reports
- Audience reports
- Acquisition Reports
- Social reports
- SEO reports
- Behaviour reports
- Tracking events
- Conversation Reports
- Additional features


# Content Marketing Fundamentals by Dayna Rothman #

- Defining Content Marketing
- Creating a foundation for Content Marketing
- Creating your Content Plan
- Creating your Content
- Promoting your Content
- Measuring your content


# Mobile Marketing Fundamentals by Michael Becker #

- Understanding mobile marketing
- Establishing your mobile foundation
- Mobilize your web presence
- Launching an SMS campaign
- Building Mobile Applications
- Managing Mobile Advertising and Commerce Initiatives
- Regulation, Resources, and the International Perspective


# Lead generation Fundamentals by Dina Shapiro #

- Set Business goals
- Entice Prospects
- Convert Prospects to qualified Leads
- Transform Leads to Customers
- Create a positive purchase experience
- Exceed customer expectations
- Create Loyal advocates
- Measure and optimize


# Growth Hacking Fundamentals by Brad Batesole #

-Fundamentals of growth hacking
- Developing a plan for growth
- Preparing for growth
- Planning clear tests
- Choosing your growth hack
- Generate your audience
- Incetivize your Users
- Generating growth moments
- Case studies


# Building an Integrated Online Marketing by Matt Bailey #

- The necessity of an integrated approach
- The four parts of a successful online marketing strategy: Narratives and Messages
- The four parts of a successful online marketing strategy: Evaluate the best channel for your message
- The four parts of a successful online marketing strategy: Social Sharing
- The four parts of a successful online marketing strategy: Planning for success
- The four parts of a successful online marketing strategy: Develop a Schedule



Cheers guys and stay tune for it!
Thanks in advance OP. What is the size of the entire folder?
hi drake
am a new user of black hat world and i stumble on one of you post about
Become a Digital Marketer Lynda Certified Full Guide

i like but the download link is remove from the site pls if you can email me the link or where i can download it , i will be so greatfull or if any one on this forums that have it please help me forward the links to my mail box. davidnext0 at gmail.com
hope to hear from you soonext
Akinola david
The course is good for beginners, another course that is comparable for understanding SEO but more intimately and making it more directly actionable is the backlinko course.
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