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May 12, 2019
Hi all!
I am a newbie self-taught marketer who has started his career in digital-marketing 8 months ago.
I work as a social media marketer at a startup at the moment (Where I'm quite good at running FB, Insta, PPC ads, creating creatives on Canva and sending usual emails to the existing audience about offers-with decent opens and clickthroughs ); however, I don't get to learn much-advanced marketing like funnels and creating squeeze pages.

I want to start my own marketing consultancy in the near future. But, I'm quite overwhelmed by the number of skills required to be a top-class marketer.

At the moment I've learnt (Theoretically ) about the usual email marketing strategy of:-
Getting leads --> sending them to a free book optin/webinar--> Collecting their email ids --> Sending them emails with alternating Pitch-Story-Content-Hybrid type content to form a relationship --> Leading audience to a Sales Letter --> Upsells/downsells --> Big ticket sales.

The more I dig deeper into the world of Internet Marketing the more I feel lost about what exactly should I do a step-by-step process to become a great marketer.
Could you all please give me a list of skills (In a step-by-step process if possible please) and resources that I'd need to learn?

To give you an example:- In the email marketing sphere, I've noticed that you're supposed to have to be good in:-
HTML, Copywriting, Making Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Recording Webinars, Making Written Sales Letters- Video Sales Letters.
And some more skills like Photoshop, Video editing, Video creation..the list goes on.
I'm super freaked out right now.
Could someone please please please guide me into what skills to learn and also give me the order in which I should be learning these skills (Mentioned by you of course) to become a decent all-rounded marketer.

Sorry for the long post, but this is something I really want to master.

Thanks in Advanced!
Please be kind :p
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