help a newbie

  1. L

    How to creat my own Socks5 Proxy server

    Hey, i want to creat my own Socks5 Proxy server, i want the same subnet but multiple ips. Is this possible? if someone have a guide hit me up. I have an old PC that i can use as a server.
  2. masdre

    I have REACHED the end of desperation. Invested over 7k$ with 40$return

    Alright guys :weep:. I'm ABSOLUTELY desperate to set up some source of passive income. I NEED a method to set up, because my summer job is about to run out and I'm going to be BROKE AF throughout this year with too much University work to hold a good job. I have about 500$ left to invest - I...
  3. B

    Facebook pixel

    My website is linked to a disabled Facebook account and now I can't unlink it is it possible to run facebook ads without a pixel?
  4. B

    Contact Facebook

    is there any way to speak to an actual person at facebook?
  5. Ayman98

    im making some money on as a seller but how can i fix this ?

    hello guys hope all of you doing well im selling on wish platform but the money i make is stuck like this they are telling me that Amount owed to you for unconfirmed shipments bcz of tracking number is unvalide i guess how can i fix this please guys help i need the money
  6. Diske

    Q: First post, need help with making some cash.

    I've been reading this forum for few months now. I have around 700 e-emails that were acquired organically, Fitness IG Page with 2k f + around $100 to play with. My Question is what can I do to make some cash from this list? They are all interested in weight loss, so I thought about promoting...
  7. peafowlsLOVER

    You, Experient BHWorld Member, can you give a light to a excited Newbie?

    Greetings, my name is irrelevant – but in case you wanted to call me Peafowl make me happy – the important thing is that I am challenging you, yes, YOU: your abilities of perspective, rhetoric, and objectivity. Are you able, in this comment field, to show a young boy with a fucking bad family...
  8. U

    Sweepstakes Offers

    I am running a sweepstakes offer, a good amount of conversions are coming in, but the advertiser is repeatedly turning down that offer, he may not like my traffic, I am getting 10 conversions in 60-70 clicks. I am using banner ads through my website. Please suggest me wht should i do?
  9. Ayman98

    I'm a newbie but....!

    Hello guys hope yall having a great time Can you guys help me choose a domain to start earning just a few bucks so I can pay my bills I'm a newbie but I can learn Thank you guys much appreciated.
  10. Promiseol

    Help needed urgently to get google to index my new website

    Please guys how I get my site index by google I have been trying, but to fail attempt!! My site is hosted in blogger And I have added my sitemap I don't know what else google need Please help me guys
  11. bogeboss

    how to maintain a rising web ranking?

    hello I want to ask how to maintain the website ranking on the main page or first ranking. can you help me by giving me some advice?
  12. B

    Scrape Box XRumer

    I bought scrape box and Xrumer a long time ago and I haven't used either of them does anyone still use them (I know this is the white hat section and xrumer is black hat but as we all know xrumer comes with xevil) and if so how? I heard that the blog posting function on Scrapebox was bad and you...
  13. B

    Account Disabled

    Facebook disables literally every account I make for no reason I don't even post anything because I don't use social media everytime I try to run an ad campaign it says "your account has been disabled" I cant find a winning product like this is there anyone who can run the ads for me and find a...
  14. B


    is there any way to get the demographics for a product?
  15. S

    Need Help with Kali Linux PLEASE !!

    Looking for help with setting up my network properly for my VM running Kali Linux 2021.1 having issues with compiling reverse tcp shells with current network settings any help would be amazing been struggling for 4 days !! Willing to pay if someone can help me get this completely configured properly
  16. Sweetrevenge

    What Would You Do If You Were In My Place?

    Hi all, I'm a little bit lost and need some guidance. So here is my state right now : - I have only 2 hours per day to focus on my project. - I have 2 websites to take care of. - I'm from a third world country where I can pay cheap VA for tasks online. - I have 500 $ per month to outsource...
  17. UuuU1245

    What is this Method of posting and does it help ?

    I just seen this babe niche account started posting like this , and Im wondering how he does it since it takes a while for me to post reels ands is there any difference would this be god for a New babe niche account? they basically posting the reel three times but in the feed it only appears once!
  18. SilentOPlayer

    Okay, does anyone know how I can turn $35 Into $70 or more?

    Hi Everyone, so quick question does anyone know how can I turn $35 Into $70 or more? Due to my lack of funds in my bank and being dead broke, I'm looking for ways to invest my little bit of PayPal funds I have left. Please Note: I'm from a 3rd world country SA. So any help is appreciated.
  19. Y

    Content lock

    Hi guys! I've heard a lot about content lock, read forums, but still have some questions. Hope I can find some answers with you! :) 1. What is working better? I saw a lot of "Free Fortnite skins" and it is still the best in tier 1 (as far as I know). 2. What is working better with mobile...
  20. Milagro

    (Help) How to rank my blog in USA

    Hello friends ! Hope you all are doing good ? Sorry I have to disturb you guys again I need help on how to rank my blog in USA , currently I am posting content for USA audience but I keep getting more of Africa. Traffic ! Help