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    Apr 14, 2017
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    There was a site that i was working on it and it had a good alexa rank and good google rank in keywords,
    but somehow they decided to not to continue working with their SEO agent, now:
    I need a traffic generator or some other software or bots to get geo-targeted traffic like jingling or IPTS,
    I worked with IPTS and doesn't worked good for me, my alexa rank is changing in bad way every day,
    I saw that website's statistics , I understand that the SEO agent was generating visits from Google source in this way:
    ~"health products categories" or ~"gillette shaving foam" or ...(i mean he generated traffic from google by tilde and double quotes)
    I searched over internet and i didn't found any bot that could do this, except IPTS
    when i called him he told there is a bot that generates traffic from google in this way and it automatically visits sitemap links and generates keywords automatically, but he didn't told me the name, is any body knows some bots like this?