1. Rolands Strods

    Traffic bot

    Hello, I am looking for a traffic bot or service similar to Jingling which add possibility to manage traffic frequency, countries etc, like Jingling. Problem with Jingling is that this service can provide just few views from European countries, like Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc per day, but I...
  2. theobath

    Jingling does not send organic traffic ?

    Hello everyone, I recently downloaded the english version of jingling on ipts website. It seems good and have a lot of options, easily understanble. I configured some campaigns on differents websites. It look like it worked well, but few days later, when I went to the google webamster tools to...
  3. usmanadeel

    Jingling traffic Bot

    Anyone tell me about Jingling Software or Bot that how it works and effect on blog ranking?
  4. G

    What are the JingLing Alternatives ?

    Hello, What are the jingling alternatives ? I know about traffic spirit but the speed of that is very very slow . If anyone can share some names of softwares like jingling that you can run on pc without doing anything else please do share . PS: I DONT NEED TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITES . THANKYOU !
  5. ARBITR8

    Traffic Spirit Bots w/ Video

    Hey everyone, I've recently started using Traffic Spirit (TS) and I like the tool/interface and all the functionality, but I'm mainly using it to get views on a video that slides in to the page. I've tested the page several times manually and it slides in every time on desktop & mobile (it's...
  6. arezsabahi

    Looking for traffic generator software

    Hi, There was a site that i was working on it and it had a good alexa rank and good google rank in keywords, but somehow they decided to not to continue working with their SEO agent, now: I need a traffic generator or some other software or bots to get geo-targeted traffic like jingling or...
  7. z4mm43l

    Developing a Free Traffic Generator Software

    Hi forum, First, admin/moderator: I am not so sure if this is allowed and I honestly understand if the post gets deleted or moved. Now as the title says, I am developing a traffic generator software (not like jingling or anything like it). I spend some time (a lot) analyzing how to make traffic...
  8. N

    Jingling not working ? I got no traffic since days

    Hello, I use Jingling on PC, Laptop and VPS (Server), but since 2 or 2 days the bot doesn`t work. I don`t get any traffic. Does anybody know about this problem? Please help me... Thanks & Greetings from germany
  9. N

    Working YouTube bot 2015 ? Jingling for Java? Real traffic software?

    Hello. Anybody sell a working YouTube bot? I need something like Jingling, but only for YouTube videos? Does it work? My YouTube Account: NewWordOrderTV Greetings from Germany
  10. N

    Searching for traffic GEO bot like Jingling

    Hello. I use Jingling, but I need a bot (without proxys) where I will get GEO traffic from Germany, cause I only earn money with german / europe traffic with my Ads at my page! Please help me. Greetings from Germany
  11. J

    Jingling + AWS/Azure

    I keep running into this problem running Jingling on AWS or Azure - it runs fine for a while - sometimes weeks or months, sometimes just days - then traffic stops coming. Sometimes rebooting the instances will get things rolling again, sometimes it won't. Is there a way to prevent this from...
  12. S

    I am looking for latest version of website flexa so anyon help please

    hy to every readeri am a newbie here and looking for a latest working bot like website flexa so any one have with or know about it plzz help meregards
  13. N

    jingling traffic bot

    hi everyone! anyone has jingling download link for free please !!! thanx:)
  14. M

    how to get 1000s youtube views with jingling

    hello friends this is my first post here , so please forgive for any mistake i just want to share my method to get 1000s of youtube views daily with jingling 1. you need to signup on site named FLIXYA 2. you need to download JINGLING BOT 3. youtube video you want to get views on now go to...
  15. E

    Is it possible to run Jingling bot on Linux based VPS?

    Hi,guys.I ve found method that works.But i need cheap VPS to try it out in order to reach the minimum payout.Thanks
  16. C

    Jingling bot english manual

    hi i found a blog that describe the bot , its jingling 4.02 a traffic bot to increase traffic , i tried it it worked fine no virus , great blog ,since im new member i cant post links here my idea i flipped the link ;-) here ( moc.topsgolb.tob-gnilgnij ) reverse it to get link , i asked about...
  17. S

    Full Version Unlimited URLs Jingling Flowspirit - Wanted Please

    Hi Guys, new here, been searching all the torrent sites, but can't find what I am looking for, anywhere, ahhhh. Does anyone know where I can download a free copy of the Full Version Jingling Flowspirit with unlimted URLs, ??? I already have the version which only gives 3 urls. Now I have read...
  18. GreyKnight

    Jingling question - How to turn off Jingling?

    Hi all. Basically I got myself a Jingling from here, as my boss instructs me to "give him some traffic". I test it without a hitch on Friday evening, and let it run on Saturday and Sunday, and the boss is highly impressed by the fake traffic. Later on the Monday, the website has slowed to a...
  19. M

    How to install jingling.exe in linux mint

    Hello, I am facing a problem in installing jingling.exe in my mint v-14. I want to use it on mint. Searched a lot on internet and no where I found any support for installing it on linux. At many places it was written that, it can not be installed on linux. I need help to install in on mint. If...