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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Jkesey, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Hello black hat world,

    I'm looking for a list of directories (paid and free) with high trust flow and decent DA. I'm a firm believer in majestic SEO's trust flow statistics seeing as how they've proven (at least for me) to provide extremely positive results. I've been able to scrape a list of directories myself and have only included one's with at least 18+ trust flow. I've come to find 30+ trust flow and above is more so what I should be aiming for but 18+ will do for now. Trust represents a network of sites all receiving inbound links from other trusted sites. These trusted sites are more than likely not receiving spam links(by spam I mean extremely spammy links) and if they are they have a balance of poorly trusted and highly trusted. I've come across directory lists and the results are usually the same. I'll run them through majestic and more than likely only 20% will have a trust above 18. This includes link buys I did in the past that claim they only provide "SEO friendly" "white hat" links.

    I'm not saying trust flow is the most important aspect of a link but I am saying it is important. More likely than not, links with higher trust have seemed to index faster by majestic and by Google webmaster tools. If Google is picking up these links faster and it's noticeable then there is a correlation.

    If anyone can help me grow my list I ask for I'll provide you with a portion of my personal list. It only consists of 400+ directories but they all seem to provide me much higher results than if I would mass buy a link building service on here. I also have a list of paid directories, all of which tend to have a much much much higher trust flow than my free directory list.

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.