trust flow

  1. Daniel from Linxact

    Poll & Discussion: DR vs TF vs DA

    Hi members of BHW, which off-page metric do you prefer to evaluate the SEO power of a domain? I would be interested in your opinions! I have used Majestic a lot in the past, and I like their Trust Flow (TF) metric for a rough assessment of a domain (competition and expired domain analysis). Few...
  2. gold service


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  3. seocrab

    Which Domain Score Metric Is Actually The Best? DA vs DR vs AS vs TF vs CF

    Read a lot of comments that "DR is more accurate than DA"? Here's some data to challenge that assumption... In a study looking at the backlinks of 100 US websites, Malte Landwehr found strong correlation between DA (Domain Authority) from Moz, DR (Domain Rating) from ahrefs and AS (Authority...
  4. nifras

    www. vs non www quize

    Hello everyone, recently i change the domain name from www to non www but in majestic showing 14 TF with www 12TF With non www it will effect my whole seo ? message from majestic 'Would you like to switch to the entire *****.com domain? There are **** external backlinks.' give me your best...
  5. Max Blax

    Trust Flow/Citation Flow on expired domain

    I want to buy a domain which was active 2 months ago. Citation Flow: 0/100 Trust Flow: 0/100 Ref. IPs: 9 Ref. domains: 59 Total backlinks: 42.9 k Is the TF/CF important in this case ? How to check if the domain was penalized by Google ? I tried "" query in google and it return...
  6. DomFinder

    DA, TF, DR or Combo?

    Domain Authority, Trust Flow or Domain Rank... I know. I know. ALL the metrics can be called out with silly anomalies and many times most of them dont make sense in a comparison. I also know that none of them equate to actual rankings. All of that aside, which one (or others) do you put most...
  7. M

    How can i see metrics like da pa tf etc for godaddy auctions

    So i use which lets me see the important stats for a decent number of sites listed on godaddy but only a small amount in reality of whats on gd auctions. Is there a way to see da pa and tf etc on godaddy auctions? Or is there a free site without limits to pull up a few of...
  8. medgalys

    Ranking first with CF and TF 0

    I have this competitor for some keywords ranking 1 with metrics like this: DA 18, PA 20, CF and TF 0. How is this possible? Also backlinks showing 0? Is it possible that he is still using PBN? How do I compare / compete with this not knowing strength of the links?
  9. Panther28

    Please Share Your Favorite Sites

    How about we take an interest in each others favorite sites? It would be great to support our community with local homegrown sites, instead of just the multinational ones, we can find the site with the best keyword, and read the content, check out the designs, buy through any affiliate links...
  10. bull seo

    **OFFERING** **High TF/CF Do-follow Backlinks Blog Comments **

    Hello BHW Members We Are Back With Another Quality Service Offering High TF/CF Do-follow Backlinks Blog Commenting Service Features of my service: Trust Flow and Citation Flow of Actual page (Where comment will be posted) Posted on Do-Follow sites OBL under 100 100% Manual Submission...
  11. soa0611

    PBN Deindexing = Irrelevant Topical Trust Flow?

    i just came across this article and what is here this man Gotch writes in the middle of the article: We have extensively tested this and conclude that the #1 factor that gets private blog network websites deindexed is when the content and outbound links do...
  12. R

    Root Domain Vs Subdomain Metrics

    I'm confused about the different metrics given for the root domain and subdomain in Majestic. I read somewhere that the root domain includes the domain and any subdomains. That would mean that the subdomain metrics are included in those of the root domain. If that's the case then how is it that...
  13. javadth

    question about Citation Flow & Trust Flow ratio

    hi i want to know what is this Citation Flow & Trust Flow ?? and what should be their ratio ? is this good ? Trust Flow 19 Citation Flow 44
  14. ThatWeb20Guy

    [GIVEAWAY] Trust Flow 10 expired tumblr blogs

    I'm giving away expired tumblr blogs of trust flow 10 or higher to anyone with above 100 posts. To qualify you just need to have 100 forum posts and reply to the thread and I will PM you the blog to register. Limit 30 blogs to 30 people, one each.
  15. mindmaster

    Expired Tumblr Blogs - RD +5 & TF+5 - Cheap Prices | Mindmaster Version III

    See the current stock here Contact and orders at Email: [email protected] Skype: mindmastering paypal payments accepted Check the previous threads and the service reviews here and here.
  16. john17nider

    Get High Authority Profile Backlinks High DA, High PA, Moz Rank, Trust Flow, Citation Flow

  17. SearchEngineWays

    Free Ways to Increase Your Domain's Trust Flow

    Hi, Here i'm sharing the free ways to increase your Domains TF with your daily Quality Post sharing , caring and updates of below sites,
  18. DarkDevil1

    Which Social Pages Are Best to Create for A Site?

    I believe creating social pages (profiles) like facebook page, twitter profile and all are quite beneficial for a sites SEO. It boosts the sites Trust Signal thus helps it to rank. However, i don't want to blindly build 5-6 social profiles for each of my money sites. I want to know from you...
  19. Swagjuice

    Need Backlinks from pages with actual Page Authority and decent Domain Authority

    Anybody know where I can buy permanent backlinks (with a moz spam score of no more than 3) from actual pages with page authority and good trust flow with mix of ******** and nofollow and link diversity at a reasonable price? There are a lot of sellers selling backlinks from sites or pbn's with...
  20. subbseo

    ~~5 Blog Comments Giveaway (free)~~

    Hello BHW Members :) Now Again I am come back with 5 Blog Comments TrustFlow 10+ Giveaways *Turn around time 1 Day *All links 100% Do Follow *100% Manually Submission *OBL Under (100) *TrustFlow 10+ *(Limited Time Offer) Just post on this thread and waiting for my PM Please do not PM me Or...
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