Looking for autoresponder w/ custom Merge and import csv

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    Basically I have a list of leads and I need to send 2-3 custom emails to them but the twist is that for every person on my list I create a custom report and I want the link included in the emails. For example say I have a custom SEO report to send them. I want to be able to upload my list including their name, email address, website address, and URL to their personalized free report then create an initial email telling them I made them this cool freebie and click here to get it. Then a couple days later if they haven't clicked it I want to send a follow up email that reminds them to go grab their freebie, and then a couple days later a final notice email saying I'll take it down in 24 hours. The problem I can't find a solution for is that each contact will have a custom URL for their freebie report so I need custom merge codes for the couple extra columns. I tried sending out by hand but it takes all day to create the reports and then forever to send each email. I'd love to be able to automate sending the emails so I can just put the links in a spreadsheet, upload it at the end of the day and have the emails all sent out while I'm sleeping or working on other stuff.

    I guess in a nutshell I need:
    Custom Merge Codes
    Able to schedule 2-3 emails 1-2 days apart
    Able to import from spreadsheet
    Removes them from the list if they click a link

    Any suggestions?