bulk e-mail

  1. flashsites

    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
  2. M

    What is the best Email marketing method??

    Hi, I just want to know what is the best email marketing method # Want to send 100,000+ emails per day # Want to send all emails (at least 85% or 90%) directly to Gmail inbox without goes to spam folder what is the best desktop or web based system to fulfill these requirements??
  3. eNzim

    [Free Review Copy] Cold Emailing Software ⏩ GMonster ⏪ Mass Gmail Merger

    Hey guys, We would like to hand out review copies of our new email outreach software. This is the live marketplace thread of the software: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/gmonster-the-mass-gmail-sender-gmass-on-steroids-cold-emailing-on-a-whole-new-level.1298192/ The reviewers will receive...
  4. testlogin

    Need someone who can send email campaign with high delivery rate

    I need a professional who can do email campaign with * *high delivery rate* *. I will provide email list, subject and body of mail. Email list are not opt-in, i have a database, for testing i will provide you a list of 10k or 20k. I need all reply's and report of delivery rate, Unsubscribe...

    Do you think you can answer this?

    Hello BHW world. I need a suggestion from you guys. which is the best smtp server? for bulk email marketing for health related products. Please pardon me if my post is not in right forum.
  6. Veronique89

    Bulk mail through smtp from other domain - change your moneysite gets blacklisted?

    Morning all, if I send spam mails (like template ads from my moneysite in it) from an smtp from another domain then is it still possible my domain gets on a spamlist/blacklisted or gets dmca complaints? And if so, how can I avoid that? Thanks in advance for any replies! Warm regards, Vero
  7. Seagate44

    How to BULK deliver to gmail.com ??

    Hey I've got mailing list of over 50k potential customers and I want to send them e-mail with my link, but as we all know sending that many emails with the same link will end up putting these emails in junk box real quick (in the best scenario). Also it may be treated as a spam, I dont mind it...
  8. S

    Send bulk email for online shopping store

    We're looking for someone to send bulk emails to people in USA&Canada. Written emails are prepared for you. Qualifications: * Owning/Able to search for a rich resource of email address; * Experienced in email marketing; * Good communication, high efficiency and able to meet deadline. We're...
  9. L

    Need SMTP Solution for sending e-mails!

    Hi! I have been reading for some days the forum and find several persons that build smtps solutions with for example: -Interspire + PowerMTA -Sendblaster + Postfix -And so on Also, there are other solutions you can use like sendgrid, mailchip, etc. with your own client side mail sender. This...
  10. A

    [Help] How To Send Thousand of Email At Once ?

    Hello BHW . !! I have am email list with 1 million email addresses. But Now I have a problem. How Can I sent Email to all Those Addresses At Once ? I am sure If I will use My Hotmail Email they will Block me immediately for Spamming . Any Soulution ?? I am just new to email marketing ...
  11. T

    Looking for good email list / partner. My niche: alternative energy DIY's

    Hello, BHW guys. As title says, I'm looking for clean email list of really active email users (targeted preferably) for my niche. My digital product is 100% legit and converts well. However, it would be even better, if someone agreed to promote my product as a partner for very significant...
  12. cosmo342

    Bulk e-mailing

    I'm aware of custom solutions as VPS + Interspire + PowerMTA and more simple and convenient but strict solutions as Aweber, MailChimp, Sendgrid... I need you to help me decide what solution would mostly fit my requirements: LIST SOURCE: purchased, quality enough, targeted. EMAILING VOLUME...
  13. P

    Looking for autoresponder w/ custom Merge and import csv

    Basically I have a list of leads and I need to send 2-3 custom emails to them but the twist is that for every person on my list I create a custom report and I want the link included in the emails. For example say I have a custom SEO report to send them. I want to be able to upload my list...
  14. G

    Bulk SMS is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS

    Bulk SMS is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is considered as the most economic marketing method ever. It is said that over half of Internet users check or send email on a typical day. But it is in practice that over 90% mobile users...
  15. otsinc

    +++ bulk mailer for long term project needed +++

    We are looking to send up to 2 mio a day, but will start with 300-500k. If you are reliable and have good inbox rate, PM me with your skype name or other IM.
  16. Exxtra

    Can-Spam Bulk Emailing - Private ESP for up to 400K/day

    BHW Exclusive I'm going to try to keep this as clear-cut as possible. My company provides private ESP (email service provider) services to clients who mail to CAN-SPAM compliant lists. The max daily sending volume is up to 400K (after you have established rep with us). We typically start off...
  17. M

    How much is too much

    I'm starting in this email marketing stuff, and working with a small 120K mail list, how much emails per hour is gonna get me blacklisted?
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