Looking for an expert programmer.

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    Hello there,

    I?m looking for an expert programmer who are expert in captcha service implement, have knowledge in xrumer, clbot etc. as I heard Delphi is perfect for my job.

    I want an plug-in for xrumer and clbot which will allow my customer to send captcha to my server, currently my server working with HTTP method, You have to get a way for use my captcha solving service with xrumer, I heard, xrumer provided the way to integrate any captcha solving service there, so you have to find the way in xrumer and make a plugin for implement my service with xrumer. Additionally if you can make the same for clbot, it will great.
    You can find my API details on expertdecoders.com/getapi.html
    My budget is SMART J
    If you need more info please send me a PM.