1. E

    Need help bypassing Anti-Bot with puppeteer.

    Paying for method to bypass anti-bot measures by a particular website using puppeteer.
  2. B

    Bypassing Face Verification through android emulators, almost managing to do it [NEED HELP]

    Hi people, i've been looking for a way to bypass face verification in android emulators apps, like social media and banking apps, and I'm 90% complete with this task, but I'm facing a goddamn pain in the ass when it comes for the selfie ID. No problem with the emulation detection. No problem...
  3. onizuka_

    Can you use videos that don't comply with facebook ads policies?

    I am lunching right now a lot of health products in Facebook, and my ads are getting rejected for several times, I tried using some coloaking techniques but the ads are always getting down by Facebook , is there any way to bypass facebook video verification , thanks guys for your answers .
  4. G

    Paying to bypass TINDER verification

    This is a huge opportunity for you. You can get paid good money for this. " I'm looking for a developer who's able to bypass Tinder Verification process using a photo or pre-recorded video" It can be a script or external tool that wont be detected by tinder. If you can do this or you know...
  5. alex270

    SMM Business Card Payment Gateway Redirect Trick Option

    Hi I'm looking for a programmer or ready-made script that has experience with payment gateway redirects, bridges, cloaking, and funnel website methods. [Or] if you have a better solution that has worked in the past. Am SMM seller, hope you know popular card payment...
  6. mo006

    Bypass Envato Elements CAPTCHA and get ACTUAL unlimited downloads.

    Envato promises you ‘unlimited downloads’ for a price of $30/month, your eyes sparkle with excitement as you think about all the ways you will make money by re-posting those items in various platforms, but as soon as you start downloading, you get slow CAPTCHAs and warning messages telling you...
  7. Roast Chicken

    How to Bypass Upload Limit?

    Hello everybody. I was watching YT shorts, and this channel ( is spamming a lot of shorts, all in my recommend section. They posting one per minute. I'm sure he knows a method of bypassing YouTube's upload limit system... How does he...
  8. A

    Can I Sim Swap without a phone?

    I have the number, the information and the email ready, but I fucking bullshitly i dont live by myself its a pain the ass. I don't have a phone either, even though i'm in my mid teens but who cares. I'm asking for a friend here. Don't slaughter me. I've used PC-phone services in the past...
  9. H

    I need help with SessionBox Chrome extension..

    I am not sure if this is the right section to ask for this kind of support but this is the closest I could find, please forgive me because I am new-ish here.. Recently I have attempted to use SessionBox chrome extension (for cookie isolation) and I signedup, but then upon logging in it...
  10. ristoriel

    Windows VPS for Facebook

    Hi, I want to use more than one Facebook account, but I have read many thread that I can't use more than one account in 1 IP and device. So, is by using a Windows VPS able to bypass the problem? Thanks in advance!
  11. JohnKowalski

    You can bypass youtube ads by adding a dot after the domain

    Hey, cool trick just stumbled upon. For example: // will occasionally show ads // will not show ads Source...
  12. CreativeDaddy

    How to legally bypass copyright claims (DMCA) EU ruling

    Howdy! So in this thread I will show a simple way to bypass any copyright claims, mainly in Europe. Before starting I must say that I do not own any movie website or anything related to this, just dont have the skills to make a website like that and I have a lot more to worry about. I just...
  13. AeroXbird

    Facebook Security Check | By Pass

    Hello community, I have some old facebook account locked, I wonder it the old japan IP tactic works in 2020? What is the alternative way to bypass the security check?
  14. CreativeDaddy

    Did I bypass Instagram algorithm?

    Hi all. As you can see by my username I am just another jarvee user you got screwed with latest instagram updates. In this last month I has able to create an account from 0, choose a niche, growth up to 1500 followers and have around 15000 interactions per week. My last 10 posts got 17%-25% and...
  15. F

    By passing "was me" prompt

    Hello, I have an automation platform and I'm having recent problems in by passing WAS ME prompt of my clients, when I try to login these profiles from host. My host is in the USA and the accounts are mostly in Brazil, from this, I discovered that whenever the profiles are old, the instagram...
  16. K

    monetize blocked sites in my country

    Hello BHW , do you know a way that i can make money by making accessible a site that is blocked in my country?
  17. G

    Any new method on bypassing Facebook pic verification?

    I've tried the method where you use a VPN and select Japan but doesn't work and still asks for photo.I also tried running a Android emulator and open FB through that but that still doesn't work. And can someone point me in the direction of these proxies or how to use them? Another thing...
  18. R

    Gmail Phone Verification Bypass?

    Is there any person/group that offers a legitimate service to bypass the continuous error I am facing with my Gmail account: "This phone cannot be used for verification" on any number I input to verify it with. The account is disabled and google offers ZERO customer support besides their...
  19. M

    Bypass detection of fingerprint Facebook

    Hello, does anyone know if and how to handle the setting of a fingerprint at Facebook or how you can not be recognized by the fingerprint. Somebody write with multiloginapp it´s possible, someone other write that´s not possible with multiloginapp.... Does anyone know a working method ??
  20. H

    How can he bypass Audio Content Copyright on YouTube

    Hello People, wile i was browsing Youtube i noticed a channel that upload 2 Hollywood Movies without geting blocked by copyright. I Tryed to do the same by flipong the screen and pitshing the sound but i always get picked up by Audio Copyright, i even tryed to add delay to audio even speed the...
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