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Long Term Amazon Campaign for Financial Freedom

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by jddenari, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. jddenari

    jddenari Newbie

    Feb 16, 2011
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    After lurking for more than a few months (On and off since 2011) I have decided to finally take action and start building a long-term steady income through Amazon. I believe that by sticking to the EULA of the program I can create a steadier flow of income than by trying to game the system.

    Of course, I will consider BH methods once my knowledge base increases. Doing so beforehand puts the risk of getting banned on more profitable programs above acceptable levels as I am trying to create a long-term solution for building wealth.

    The SHEER AMOUNT of information available on BHW is incredible and at times I felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I picked Amazon because it and does not rely on Churn and Burn methods that most short-term methods seem to run on.

    After a few weeks of looking at my budget I decided to put together a plan.
    going to use about $1000 dollars to start my sites and buy the needed software (Scrapebox, SeNuke, ETC) and the right WP Themes to use on my sites.

    I've seen that most of the software I need runs on Windows only and right now I'm on a Macbook. The machine is a bit older so my first order to Business is to set myself up with a Windows desktop. In the meantime, I will be getting the hang of WP and setting my hosting up with my provider. Once I get my rig up and running (Est. Sep. 28/2013) I will start driving traffic to my sites. Until then I will be focusing on content, themes and building relationships with quality service providers for Proxys, Content Writing, Copywriting and SEO (until I learn the trade).

    End Goal: 50-100 Amazon Affiliate sites with ~$3500 Revenue/Month
    Stretch (QUIT MY OTHER JOB) Goal: ~$9000
    Time Frame: 2-3 years

    I’m also looking into another stretch goal: Start using Fiverr and PLR to supplement income and eventually outsource that gig as well.
    Time Frame: Within 1 year

    My end goal will allow me to live VERY comfortably with my current job but my stretch goal would allow me to cut the stress of corporate structure out of my life. I put stretch at ~$9000 because that is how much I want to make and includes the cost of losing my work benefits.

    As for a little about myself, I am 25 years old and work in a Sales Job for a very large company. I live in NYC and I am looking to go back to school but have no plans yet as nothing has caught my interest except for trying my hand at entrepreneurship. I do retail sales and I've won multiple customer satisfaction quarterly awards and a yearly sales achievement award last year. I'm looking to learn new skills (SEO, WP, etc) and eventually leverage my sales and customer service skills to expand business online.

    As for the nitty gritty:

    Currently I have:
    Personal Blog (Getting the hang of WP, Plug-ins, Themes, etc)
    Amazon Affiliate Account
    Hosting (Unlimited domains etc) 1 year
    Aweber (need to re-activate)
    $1000 Budget for site-building and SEO (Monthly I can put in an additional $2-300 as discretionary funds permit)

    I need:
    A Mentor
    Windows Desktop
    SEO Software
    Premium Wordpress Themes (Customize for sites)

    While BHW is an amazing resource, I believe I need a mentor who can help keep me from making costly (Time or Money or Both) mistakes. I started this thread to document my journey partly to organize thoughts and collaborate with others in my position but also as a form of résumé that I can show others who may want or be in a position to mentor someone like me.

    I’d like to thank all of you who read this and invite you to pop in once in a while to read up, post questions and hopefully have your own questions answered. There will be no I MAKE $300 A DAY WITH (INSERT FLAVOR HERE) posts here. The goal is to look beyond the growing pains and show what an inquisitive attitude and a motivation for action can do given enough time and persistence.

    I welcome all critiques and tips as I have a lot left to learn. Once I get started in earnest I will start contributing back to those who may have questions about how I came up with my plan and what particular resources I will be/am using.
  2. Intruder

    Intruder Regular Member

    Jun 3, 2012
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    The search bar on the upper left corner is your perfect mentor.
    Other then that we will surely help you... :)
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  3. hadoken

    hadoken Regular Member

    Dec 4, 2012
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    Good luck with your journey
    Personally I would save my money and get Ultimate Demon instead of SENuke. Use the $112 monthly savings on a writer or other service and enjoy being more effective.
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  4. jddenari

    jddenari Newbie

    Feb 16, 2011
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    It has served me well so far! I find the hardest part is reading a large thread and then cross-checking those facts across EULA and TOS changes of different companies to check for outdated information (I'm looking at you Google!)

    I have worked before with mentors in different jobs and I find that the best combination is a large, useful knowledge base (BHW) coupled with someone who knows the in and outs of the business. Of course, if I cannot find a mentor then the search bar will remain my best friend for the foreseeable future!

    Thank you! Will look into Ultimate Demon instead. $112 would be a nice amount of content writing as well!