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Launching a new plugin for a new CMS (Affiliate Marketing)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by towelfox, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. towelfox

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    I'm a long time reader of this site but never put much into it (sorry).

    I've been a PHP developer for some time and I have a keen interest in affiliate marketing, so what I did was I decided to create an epic plugin for a brand new content management system, OctoberCMS, which is still in development but is about to reach Release Candidate.

    From the off I will state that I have never liked WordPress, I've done some work with it, and there are some good plugins but I don't like it and there is no one plugin which does everything I want so I'm making it and it is very nearly ready to go live (I will list it same day OctoberCMS hits RC on 31st March).

    What is special about this plugin? Several things, I think:

    The plugin acts as an affiliate 'store' if you like. It has the features of an e-commerce solution (I used to develop with magento) but without all the unnecessary bloat that comes with keeping an inventory when you don't really stock a product yourself.

    It has its own built in article writing section, with easy use of ajax loaded article pages (think multi-part posting the link-bait sites use). Articles can be linked to products so when writing about them there is dynamic access to up to date pricing and availability.

    Currently supported affiliate networks are Amazon associates (USA, UK, CA but I'll probably add them all), Clickbank, CJ, Affilinet & Affiliate Window. I'll add the CPA networks soon because this is not something that just works with affiliates pushing tangibles, this will work for any offer.

    That brings me back to 'products' a product can be anything, a real item listed on Amazon (or any other site at all), it can be a clickbank type product or it can be a survey, it doesn't matter because all we ever do is push a visitor to another URL, that's the point, right? The plugin has full GeoLocation support and every product can have one or multiple links. Each link can have a geographical location target, the benefit being that the right users get directed to the right offer.

    Example: Amazon has a product listed on its US site and on its UK site - you send the UK visitors to the UK site and everyone else to USA.
    Example 2: You have access to 5 dating offers and they want only traffic from 5 different countries. From one link on your site you send each visitor to the relevant offer and everyone else hits the default target, which might be an eBook or whatever.

    I am also going to add multiple landing pages per product to help split test your campaigns.

    All I want right now is feedback. I put this in journeys because I'm going to update this as development continues. It's not vapour-ware, I have just uploaded a video of the plugin on a demo site on a domain I've held for a while, don't worry about the design or content of the site, it's just there (currently, anyway) to showcase the plugin.

    Video is at youtube /watch?v=NIbGHhz0bOc - I can't post the link because I don't post enough! Please watch as it will make it clearer what I'm trying to achieve. There is no audio but some explanatory notes at the bottom.