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    Hellooo !

    I have a simple question about building backlinks by Boomarking our Youtube vids, it would be nice if you could take 2-3 minutes for me ! :)

    For example, let's take "weight loss" as my longtail keyword.
    I cannot put in my keywords because like you know, Youtube url's end by numbers and characters.


    So, when I Bookmark my Youtube URL on Bookmarking sites, do I have to put "weight loss" :

    - In the anchor text ?
    - In the comment ?
    - Nowhere ?

    And the last thing, which is pretty obscure to me,
    how Google can "see" the post/comment is relevant to my niche ? ("weight loss" in this example)


    Thank you all for you help ! ;)


    P.S. : I have the same question here about Blog Commenting here :
    I would really appreciate your help !
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