[Journey] It starts here; Zero to $50 a day

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    I contemplated doing this for a long time, in the end I felt like only positive things can come from documenting my progress. Especially since all you kind hatters will guide me :D

    • I have never made any money online
    • I studied marketing, (not digital) then afterwards started to read everything I could about IM, this was around 2012
    • I traveled for a few years so never got to practice
    • Returned to my homeland, got a job in PR and worked in social media for a year
    • Decided this was shit so took one of their clients and "started" my own business
    • I decided now that this business is not the road I want to travel (It just isn't scalable in a way I want)
    • I've always wanted to work completely online but just never had the opportunity, the client I have takes up very little of my time so essentially I am able to commit 50 hours+ pw to IM. It also provides me with enough money to pay my rent and invest in some tools etc.

    Where I'm at now
    After assessing all of the options I've decided that I want to make 2 websites in different niches, and 10-15 2.0s. around each (eventually)

    I have experience with wordpress so this is not a problem.

    Site 1
    • micro niche site targeting a clickbank product
    • purchased domain keyword and a modifier
    • installed wordpress
    • created an opt in
    • wrote 1000 word+ article on "what is the *niche*"
    • Paid for another 3 articles 600 words
    • built first 2.0 with 1000 word unique article; have not linked yet

    Still to do
    • Write 4 more 1000+ articles
    • Get social signal boost
    • Create youtube video
    • blast video into serps
    • more 2.0s

    Site 2
    • Affiliate review site
    • domain is brandable name, no keyword but closely related
    • installed wordpress and theme
    • purchased 3 x1000 word premium articles and 5 x 500 word standard
    • created Instagram a/c running followliker (very conservative settings right now) 30 followers
    • Found expired 2.0 PA30 in exact niche! posted 1 unique 500 word article with images (not linked back)

    Still to do
    • Finish layout
    • create opt in
    • format all the articles and publish
    • sign up to related affiliate program (cant do until they see the site)
    • create social accounts
    • more 2.0s


    I plan to finish site one first, hopefully in the next day or 2. Once I have a video made I will pay for views/social signals etc. I also plan on using meatheads method to get some immediate traffic to asses the site. From these metrics I will tweak site and start bing ads.

    I started site 2 originally but put it on the backburner, I feel site one has the potential to make money faster.

    No money or traffic to date.

    I'm so hungry for this, but I might need some help along the way so please get involved, ask me anything and suggestions welcomed!
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    Dark Dublin
    The best of luck on your journey, stick to your goal and you WILL accomplish it :cool:
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    Apr 19, 2015
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    That's the plan anyway!
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    good luck on your journey
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    Good luck! Looking forward! :)