Journey- From nothing to something. Multiple Methods

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    Hey my fellow entrepreneurs & my ex-fellow lurkers.

    I have been reading BHW for a short time and I have realized that the most important thing is to take action;). Money is out there to be made and I want my slice of the pie. For this journey I am starting with 0$ invested and seeing if I can turn that into income. I have researched many methods and narrowed it down to 3 that I want to execute. They are totally different but I will be implementing them one at a time and updating you guys on progress.

    3 Main Methods: Yes I know its a lot, but i'm OCD so more quests the better for me.

    • Click Bank affiliate marketing
    • Online reputation/presence management
    • Mobile Marketing ( Websites/Webapps/SmS marketing)

    I have been reading up on all 3 and feel that I can implement these very smoothly. My goal is to spend as little money as possible during set up and marketing and check my results. I would definitely appreciate constructive criticism and I will try to answer any questions that come up. Basically this is a journey centered on what can happen when you take action. I'm shooting for keeping this going for a month at least and we will see what happens afterwards.

    Click Bank: Day 1
    Click bank is actually the method I did the least research on, but I figured how hard could it be. I have chosen a "niche" that basically lets me add as much topics under it as I want. I've been checking google adwords to see my local/global searches since I plan on a CL marketing campaign to begin with.
    • Made a new Weebly site to send traffic to hoping to funnel all affiliate offers through this. I kept everything free so the Weebly tags are on my site.
    • Still doing research on the products I want to offer on the site. I want to offer some products and some free down loads to keep the site honest & I'll do this in every niche. My goal is to have 2-3 affiliate offers and 2-3 free offers. Trying to Max out at 5 per micro niche
    • Once I finish doing the research and setting up the site I'll make another update. I still need to plan the marketing strategy.

    **If anyone has affiliate products they want on the site pm me and I'll see if it fits any of my niches.

    Thanks for reading

    -Ras Vas