click bank

  1. J

    Best Push Ads Network For Clickbank Weight Loss Products?

    I am planning on testing out popular Clickbank affiliate products through push ads. Can someone please suggest me some good push ads network with proper real traffic?
  2. Lczq

    Reocurring income help needed

    Hi, I've recently seen a lot of products like phoenix reloaded or ReoccurringSystems. And I was wondering do they work? Has anyone bought/used them? Is it a scam? They aren't expensive so I don't think they work, as they advertise them. They're advertised as "plug and make endless cash", What...
  3. L

    I need Help in Affiliate

    Hello affiliate experts can anyone please tell me best websites for affiliate other then CLICKBANK AND MAXBOUNTY Because click did not accept new accounts now and maxbounty i am not recieving a call so is there any other good company Thank You
  4. themastero

    Getting started with clickbank and Digistore24

    Things got hard to me, lost a lot of my customers/jobs, and my daily jobs are getting very few, due to health problems and personal ! So finally thinking to try something new and started to learn a little about digital marketing, and trying to make few extra bucks. So watched dozens of videos...
  5. J

    Link In Bio vs Blog With CBO

    Hi, I have a decent size organic traffic in health niche. I am trying to promote top 5 CB health offers. What would be better for the user if he or she goes to my link: • A link in bio kindof tool with direct CB links to top 5 cbo • Or a small informational blog which highlights the top 5 cbo...
  6. Victotr

    Find good offers

    How can i find high selling direct response offers?
  7. Reward20

    3 Methods For Driving Traffic From Pinterest

    Did you know that Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your website? Recent research indicates that it is growing rapidly as a tool to boost your social media presence and drive traffic. According to Shareaholic's Q3 2014 Traffic Report, Pinterest drives more than three times the traffic...
  8. Leeone

    Amazon affiliate, need your help

    Hello, making affiliate website, but now know what's work better : auto blogging? Seo blogging, write articles unique clickbank? or what you think?
  9. Bukunmi

    (JV)My clickbank account creation method for blacklisted countries + Your way of bringing customers

    Ok I'm also from a blacklisted country also and i have a method of creating clickbank accounts for people also in the blacklisted countries(e.g russia, morroco and many more countries(pls do a search on google to find the blacklisted countries, it's a long list). The method has worked 100% for...
  10. GypsyPB

    affiliate links on facdebook ads

    Hi everyone could you share some current methods or guide on how to promote affiliate links on Facebook? I want to drive traffic directly to the product page I know how to get a super targeted great audience but the process of bridge page/email list is not so much my area of expertise ...
  11. Bigcookies

    Landing pages

    I’m still new too all of this and I’m using landing pages to learn how to use xrumer before I start using it on websites I have xrumer and scrape box and I vaguely know how they work together but I feel like I may need a lot more so I guess I’m just asking what else do I need?
  12. DGhubSEO

    What is next for me? hmm

    Hello guys, Im into affiliate marketing. im done with my website and have quite a number of articles in it however i am currently stuck at SEO. Can anybody help me out? My questions : What should i do next? social signal? backlinks? how? which method? so confused I really think i need to...
  13. kathbura

    Need Black Friday Marketing Plan

    Hi, I've millions of verified USA emails. Most of them are business owner, CEO, admin-'s email address. I am seeking a plan to set a funnel through email marketing. I need some suggestion/mentoring free or paid to create a email marketing sales funnel. I want to promote ClickBank or any other...
  14. alizaman

    Click Bank Success Suggestions

    Dear Valuable BHW Members, Hope doing good, I am looking for authentic suggestions for CB program promotions, I have IM experience of more than 16 years, but never tried CB consistently. My account is active and I am looking for suggestions that can bring instant results. I will try SEO later...
  15. ATuringtest

    How long will I last on Click-bank with email spamming links?

    Simple question, I have a fuck ton of target emails, none are on a subscribe list and I was going to send good marketing emails with links in them. So will I be battered off CB in the first week ? Or do they care where they get their money from ?
  16. B

    ClickBank hoplinks doesn't work

    I never used click bank before, still My hoplink doesnt work it shows same msg always "This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation." Please help me to fix this problem.
  17. SeoProMatt

    Need Advice on my Affiliate Marketing Journy

    Hey guys, I had some success with affiliate offers in the Make Money Online Niche but it kind of died out and now I'm having trouble making sales. I am wondering if I should ditch the site and move on to a less saturated niche or keep hammering away at it. Right now I am so unmotivated because...
  18. SeoProMatt

    Thinking of Giving up on Niche Need Advice

    Hey guys, I had some success with affiliate offers in the Make Money Online Niche but it kind of died out and now I'm having trouble making sales. I am wondering if I should ditch the site and move on to a less saturated niche or keep hammering away at it. Right now I am so unmotivated because...
  19. SeoProMatt

    300 hops no sale WTF is Wrong

    Hello guys, I've been on and off with Affiliate marketing for the past 2 years. I stopped working on it actively and just started to get back to it. The last few days I have had 300 hops and no sales. keep in mind. All these hops (FB/SEO/Insta) Niche is MMO I know the MMO site has bad...
  20. C

    Clickbank Traffic

    Does anyone know how to get free traffic to my landing pages?
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