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  1. I've attached screen shots of my Traffic Travis competition tab below, I would appreciate if someone can guide me with the questions I have below, if this is in the wrong section mods please move this thread thanks :

    - I'm wondering if this keyword is good to go as "All these results don't have my keyword in the title, url or description".
    - None of the top 10 results are root domain, all are inner pages only and none have my exact keyword in their url too.
    - Also I've checked the anchor text for each result, and none-of them seem to target my keywords its always partial keyword or some thing that is slightly related however its not the exact same term as I'm trying to rank for, then there's also a few url variations etc for anchor diversity I suppose..
    - So am I correct in understanding that these top 10 results have "an accidental rank", because these websites have mentioned my keyword partially in their articles or some related synonyms while creating their anchor text or in their articles ?
    - Does the PR of these pages matter as you see in the screen shot as these results are not optimized for my targeted keyword ?

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  2. Any help on this would be highly appreciated, can someone guide me if I'm right in thinking if the above is an "accidental rank" ?
  3. J-S-T

    J-S-T Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 27, 2013
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    The Sites on the first page seems like authority site with Good PR. Even thought they don't have keyword in title or description they might be ranking because of the Authority... But a well Optimized Site can outrank them.

    Only Way to find out is to try.
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  4. Thanks Jigar, it took me a lonnng time to digg these keywords I have a few more & all have the same criteria as the above 2 screen shots, I would love to try it however since I'm wanting to build a site that can incorporate around 30-40k monthly searches I'm still searching for a few keywords- hence I needed a head's up if I'm on the right track as keywords like this take a lonnng time to come on surface.... its just that all have high PR, I've checked their link profile and its weak as hell, I just need a quick thumbs up indicating these (low optimized but high PR top 10 results) can be out beaten by my site which would be properly siloed + with all on page factors like title, description, images, h1, etc..
  5. Anyone else who'd like to pitch in their thoughts on my keyword research ?
  6. Bumping the thread for some inputs.
  7. hip_hop_x

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    Well it's better to analyze PA as well, then go in some of the competitors and look at their content. It will be easy to outrank them if they have short articles and PA < 30
  8. - For one of my keywords - I've checked the articles on top 10 results, none have the exact words I'm targeting.
    - Eg: One of my keyword lets say is : "something in trees" however the title and content/articles of most top 10 Google results show "something in the trees". So am I right in understanding that these top 10 results are NOT optimized for my keyword ?
  9. SEO Power

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    It's going to take a sizable amount of effort and a pretty long time to rank for that keyword. The BLS of the top 10 sites aren't encouraging at all.
  10. Okay however I've checked the backlinks for top 10 Google results already, and I can see none of my competitor backlinks are optimized for my exact keyword, they are targeting a variation of my keyword, so basically none of their backlinks have my exact anchor text in their backlink profile... hence I'm led to believe this is a sign of an accidental rank & is easy to outrank with my website is it not the case ?
  11. Anyone else who'd like to input their thoughts on the keyword research, also check my responses..I'm getting confused now thanks..
  12. natewex

    natewex Power Member

    Sep 22, 2009
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    PA is quite high. Go find another keyword bro.

    PM me if you want some help.
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  13. Guys nate would help me via PM later tonight, in the mean time anyone else who'd like to check both the screen shots and also check my responses, thanks..
  14. goodbood

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    May 7, 2014
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    I don't think that you can rank your keyword to the top 10 when all your competitors have this high pr and pa !
    You need to find another keyword with really low competition ... try some keyword suggestion tools to find some really low competition keywords ...
    cheers bro and goodluck
  15. Thanks, check this and let me know what you think as this is what is confusing me -> http://www.nichepursuits.com/how-to-analyze-the-top-10-google-competition-for-your-keyword/
    In the meantime any more suggestions ?
  16. Any feedbacks/inputs you have for me on this Jigar ?
  17. Commoner

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    Dec 8, 2013
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    Hi SP,

    Are you an expert in this field, competitors are dominant and difficult to outrank unless seo skills are impressive.
  18. - Well I wouldn't say I'm an expert at SEO, however I see a few PR 0's along with some high PR sites as per the screenshot [I see total Randomness in PR stack ranking 1 to 10 results, which makes me think why would a PR 0 site rank #2 its just insane when its backlinks are not optimized for the keyword] + the main thing is as I've read from many sources that if a website backlinks are not optimized for a particular search, then an seo'd site with relevant backlinks will always outrank the accidental ranking sites which may or may not be an authority site with PR as you see in my case.
    - I've checked all the backlinks these sites have... -> NONE targeting my keyword! So its just I'm wanting some one to tell me that hey yes I've done this and yes its possible for you to do it too [Not in a pitiful way but more over with confidence that I'm right in thinking these top 10 results are accidental rankings and that my website can outrank them, with good onpage and off page seo]..
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  19. DeadJoe

    DeadJoe Power Member

    May 18, 2014
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    The Oblivion
    The second one shouldn't be that hard to outrank but you still have to check the backlinks where they are coming from can make a significant difference. the first one even though those sites are not optimizing for that keyword will take some work to outrank but yes with proper optimization and some good linking you can probably outrank it. The only way to know is to give it a try. Good luck
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  20. Okay thanks DeadJoe, can you elaborate a bit more on this statement "but you still have to check the backlinks where they are coming from can make a significant difference" thanks again for helping me.