Is the a planned schedule for the google algorithm updates this year?


Nov 12, 2015
My account was stung badly with the Brackets update in March and I am being outranked by absolute garbage competitors.

i want to anticipate when the next update will be so i can prepare, or is this a fruitless task? Does google just launch updates as and when ?

if I was a guessing man, I would imagine that the updates will be focused on mobile ?

Thoughts and opinions are welcome
Google is the largest search engine in the world for a reason. It keeps on updating its algorithms from time to time. But Google does not launch/release and schedule about releasing updates related to its algorithms. However, Google keeps on working updating its algorithms. It doesn't spread any news on internet in this regard. So, it is you who has to search on internet about it regularly. This is what most of the SEO professionals in the world do.

Google launches small scale updates of its algorithms every month. But if your are looking for some major update, it doesn't happen everyday/month. You have to wait for a long time and research daily on internet.

There is something you are right about! Google is now more focused on promoting sites that are mobile friendly. So make sure your site is completely mobile friendly. It should also work to perfection on iPads. All in all, you will need to make your site compatible with every device.
Great thought Amit. Probably, we need to get close to Google policies. As close you get, the more you will be benefitted. Just ensure that you do not overdo things.

If we talk about Google updates, then we are at mercy of Google. Just do the good things and let the good return back to you. :)
I doubt they have a public schedule that you can refer to. Most updates were done after they are done, and with the BHW community noticing a shift in the SERP - it's that time when we know an update has been performed.
They do not have a public channel that openly tell the public what update they have performed - mostly were vague answers, like broad-core algo update, all those nonsense.
They were intense in updating their algo from March to May, but I'm guessing there could be a cooling off period for the next 3 months I think?
These updates, if there are any, wouldn't be having their schedules announced. If you are experiencing problems with your strategies which used to work before, that's probably just Google dance hitting your page.
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