Is something weird with my Youtube SEO? Getting 0 Views??


Oct 6, 2017
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So my Youtube Channel is super weird. I started my channel about 5 Years ago and had some small videos on it and all of them got tons of views. Since 1 year ago I started to do some Vlogging and other small videos and all of them never went up over 100-500 views. I just don't get it. Something is really off.
I've a good instagram account and some good websites with good traffic, so I know somelittle things about SEO. But what the hell is wrong with my youtube site?

First of all you just cannot find my youtube channel since about 2 years ago. If your searching my name you will not find it or when you do it's on the second list of all other channel names although they don't post anything (my name is "against the grain").

Furthermore I use VidIQ and everything should be right. I use good channel tags and good video tags.
If want to look up just go on my last video:
to see all the tags that I used and still no views and the ranking is super bad.

So now comes the weird part. My girlfriend has a hungarian youtube channel. She gets a ton of views for very simple videos. I was curious what she used as tags. She told me she didn't know how it works and used only simple tags. Now comes the weird part, I explained her how to use the tags and that she should use every 500 characters. What happend? She didn't get any views from the video only a 1/10 what she normally gets. Wtf?

Can someone help me or give me a link where I should change my strategies?

Thank you


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May 8, 2013
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Hi, @shadrix! You can try your girlfriend's technique on tags for a week or so. If it does not work, you can also experiment on using video titles and descriptions that are optimized for search engines. Or combine both techniques.