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  1. SoulEffective

    YouTube Ranking Tools

    Hi Folks - Newbie to this community. I'm looking for the best and easiest way to track SERP for my YT videos on a big corporate channel. We've recently implemented a new SEO process and I'd like to easily monitor the specific results instead of having to manually search as much to see if it's...
  2. T3Marx

    Youtube Comments (Free Posting)

    To show some gratitude to this site I will provide free service posting comments manually on your youtube video using my aged accounts. First 10 BHW users will be receiving 10 comments and the rest will be just 5 comments. This is for first 26 members only. Comments will be based on your video...
  3. ClintN

    YouTube text script but no voiceover

    Am I risking an SEO penalty by producing a YouTube Video with no voice over etc, but uploading a full sales script (with keywords) into the caption fields to increase the video's SEO? Many thanks in advance for any tips
  4. ss1180

    I need Views and Subscribers

    I have many Youtube Channel. I am looking for any way to get non drop views and subscribers too. If you know something good to get views and subscribers please let me know.
  5. Mcshizzle1016

    Smaller YouTuber interviews large YouTubers on how to grow their channel

    A friend of mine made a video talking to a few relatively large YouTubers (ranging from 150,000 subscribers to 2,000,000) about how they grew from 0 subscribers to where they are now. It's a brilliant conference with some brilliant tips for a small youtuber that doesn't get mentioned much in the...
  6. futureswag

    Your Top 5 Tips for a New Youtuber?

    Hello there, What are your top five tips are for someone who has just started their Youtube channel in hopes of turning it into a future passive income? Collectively we possibly could learn from each others knowledge and also create a gold mine of information for another person's first...
  7. Azam Khan

    What Do You Mean By A Popular YouTube Channel?

    As a YouTube people want to build their channel successful. They want their channel growing into a huge channel. And it's true that everyone like to become famous not only on YouTube but in social media. Today I want to share my thought that is, What do you mean by a popular channel? What is a...
  8. N00bby

    Reported Channels? - YouTube

    Just trying to figure out if my channel has been maliciously reported? Because last week it lost virtually all of it's traffic, and actually disappeared from youtube for the channel name search.this week it's getting back to normal, but even by searching the channel name is in 15th place...
  9. R

    Consulting for YouTube SEO

    I'm looking for someone who supports me in ranking YouTube videos on the first page for specific keywords. I've done quite some of research on buying views and likes and video keyword optimisation. But my impression is that the quality you buy differs significantly and ranking videos well takes...
  10. M

    [NEED] Looking for a User Harvestor Bot for YouTube

    Hi Guys! Recently, I've been into some programs like Video Marketing Blaster, Tube Rank Jeet, SEOnuke etc and I don't believe I know much of stuff. I'm looking for a program that will find users from a keyword and provide a list with email and username. I've seen this in Market Tube Jeet and...
  11. A

    Need for youtube high retention views

    hello everybody, i need to rank my youtube channel, and i was advised to buy high retention views, in your experience what is the best provider. is there something else that I have to do apart to buy views
  12. T

    how upload youtube video without copyright movies, songs, trailer

    hi, any one help me. how upload youtube video movies, songs, trailer and gaming without copyright strick. Moslty people upload same movie, trailer, game trailer and alot view. How any one Know this Trick or Method. Please Tell me.
  13. S

    Help needed for youtube channel marketing

    Hey friends, I had started youtube channel and want to grow views subscribers like and comments everything. so what i want from blackhatworld is 1) Any youtube marketing tool that works well [ free or paid whatever ] 2) I had seen some guys have tricks to get video in trending just 24 hours...
  14. S

    Is there any software to grow subscribers and views for Youtube?

    Help needed. Now days youtube is really hard for making money. so i am really frustrate thinking how to grow my channel. I am doing videos of diy and crafts and doing hardwork for making videos. But really not getting views from youtube so i am here to bagging help from top youtubers and...
  15. shadrix

    Is something weird with my Youtube SEO? Getting 0 Views??

    So my Youtube Channel is super weird. I started my channel about 5 Years ago and had some small videos on it and all of them got tons of views. Since 1 year ago I started to do some Vlogging and other small videos and all of them never went up over 100-500 views. I just don't get it. Something...
  16. stuna

    [SALE] Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker

    INTRODUCING: Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker We all know that YouTube videos rank highly in Google. This is a research tool that will help you find those "Video Keywords” – keywords with YouTube videos on page one. You can export the data to a CSV file that will show you more info...