What Do You Mean By A Popular YouTube Channel?

Azam Khan

Nov 30, 2014
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As a YouTube people want to build their channel successful. They want their channel growing into a huge channel. And it's true that everyone like to become famous not only on YouTube but in social media. Today I want to share my thought that is, What do you mean by a popular channel? What is a real subscriber? How a decent amount of real subscriber make a channel popular? The metrics of the subscriber and so on.

Let's Discuss

First off, we have to find out why people gather on YouTube?

Actually, behind the popularity of YouTube, there is a single reason. That is you can find anything on YouTube. It may gather knowledge, the solution of any critical matters, entertainment, find the better product you want and everything which is related to our life. In a single word, YouTube gives us value. So if you give value to your YouTube channel for your viewers, they make your channel popular. It's a simple thing. The real fact is lot's of channel on YouTube who gives value but they didn't get viewer. In this case, people want to do Video SEO for their channel. They buy views, like/dislike, comments, subscribers and lot's of things for making their video or channel popular. But most of the time they fail.

Here is the point I actually want to discuss

People think that if they buy some views, some like/dislike, buy comments and subscribers for their channel or videos, their video will rank depend on it. But it is not totally true. YouTube rank those videos or channels for the long time which have a real and decent looking viewer and subscribers, who put real comments in a video and like/dislike ration will be real.

For an example:

You have a video and you want to make rank it on YouTube. You buy some views, some like/dislike, some comments, and subscribers and do other things which will make rank your video or channel on YouTube that you think. Nowadays this technique does not work. Because you buy all the things such as views, likes, comments, and subscriber all the things which do not work for your videos or channel for a long time. You buy all the things for a single time. But for a long time ranking, you need regular views and subscribers which is real. That makes your video or channel popular.

What is a real subscriber? And how a decent amount of real subscriber makes your channel popular?
Before starting our discussion I want to ensure a term that is why people subscribe a channel? Actually when a viewer find the desired thing in a channel, what is he/she searching for, then that viewer subscribe that channel. Because that viewer like that content or video and he/she wants to view the other videos when a video will be uploaded to this particular channel. And this is called the real subscriber.

There have lots of difference between a real subscriber and that subscriber which you buy from a seller. You buy some subscriber for your channel that's not mean that subscriber follow your channel or view your videos regularly. It just an amount what is showing on your channel that other people think that you have a lot's of subscriber on your channel. You don't get a long-term real benefit from it. This subscriber doesn't view your channel regular basis, they don't share your videos, they don't put any comments which gives value to your videos.

But a real subscriber follows your channel and view your videos on a regular basis. They put comments on your videos and share it if they like. Some people give like or dislike which is give a real looking at your videos. And YouTube gives them value because it happens in a real looking ratio. Your video or channel will be rank easily for a long time. In this way real subscriber give you more real subscriber. But when you buy some amount of subscriber it will not give you any subscriber. It just is shown as an amount. It looks like a big article.

Thanks for reading with a patient. :)
In my next article, I will try to discuss how you can find real subscriber for your channel.

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