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Instagram Followliker Botting Question

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by nickoli22, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. nickoli22

    nickoli22 Newbie

    Jan 5, 2016
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    New England
    Hello BHW, I have been lurking for a little while now and being unable to find any definite answers to my questions, I figured what better than to just ask.

    Anyway, I have been reading up on Instagram botting recently and how it could really help me grow my Instagram pages far beyond what I could do manually, especially since I am rather busy. I am going to buy FollowLiker because that seems to be the most talked about and renowned bot on the market.

    To supplement my question, I'll explain my situation. I have created many different accounts on my phone over the course of a few months and was logging in and out of them to post and engage. 3 accounts were banned and I believe that is because I did the old put a "." in a different parts of the email trick to make 1 email be able to be used as many more. Once I verified my email address all of them went down. Following that up, I made 4 more accounts, two of which I actively post on.

    Now that I have been looking into FollowLiker, I see many people using proxies and such. My question is, will I need a proxy to keep my accounts safe since I have created so many on one phone? I only plan to be using FollowLiker for 2 or 3 accounts, but I also have a personal account I post on. If one was banned, would my personal account go as well? Or will adding a proxy after being active on my phone flag the accounts because it would probably be from another part of the world? Also, if I were to set up proxies, would I be unable to access the accounts on my phone because of the drastic change in location? I think what has be confused is the access to the accounts and if changes will cause any issues. Lastly, can I log in and post photos while the accounts are running, or should I strictly upload with FollowLiker?

    I just want to make sure my operation runs smoothly and that I do my homework before I go and get accounts that I have put effort into banned. Any more insight into the whole FollowLiker world would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you to anyone who helps!
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  2. colorme

    colorme Elite Member

    Dec 23, 2015
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    Proxies are not needed if you only have 2-3 accounts. After that, do get a proxy. Best method is 1:1 for proxies, but if done right, you can get away with 3 accounts per proxy.