instagram bot

  1. A

    Freelancer needed to scrape Instagram | Easy Task | Paid | Python

    I have a bot that scrapes Instagram followings (It will scrape the name, username, number of followers, etc.) This is how the bot works - I will have a list of the Instagram profiles, and the bot will go to their following & scrape the data I have integrated the proxies, but it's very...
  2. SOWZA

    I'm searching for an Instagram Story Like Bot

    Hey everyone, i actually use a service that does story liking but i want to do it on my own. the service does around 60000 actions per day and make me 200 to 800 subs per day on instagram for my models. i know that they use 4g france proxies. If you can make me a tutorial on how to do this i...
  3. hims.000

    (Get) Working Instagram Bot with python script (( with full guide))

    I have fixed a nonworking python script. Now the python script is working well. Ok, don't worry if you don't know to code. I have written the full tutorial Step 1. download python-3.6.8 Step2. Copy the below script from selenium import webdriver from import...
  4. pa108

    How are these Facebook And Instagram Comment Bots! Spamming when we just upload post on these platforms

    How are these Facebook And Instagram Comment Bots! Spamming when we just upload post on these platforms! What type of Bot they using? I too need that! These Facebook Bot Spam Telegram Links to join there Group! And in Instagram these OnlyFan Models Spamming under Comment section
  5. osp2018

    Instagram Bot (Single Account)

    Need a instagram bot for a single user (Follow, Unfollow, Like, Story View).
  6. O

    Looking for a specific private bot

    Hello, I'm looking for a specific Instagram bot which is a web panel, it's invite only and i would like to be invited, this is part of the logo I don't wanna share names since can't find anywhere anyway (i looked everywhere) there is nothing posted about it, who knows about it and can invite...
  7. TheNextItGirl

    Mother Child slave Method Instagram

    Hi there, Looking for a service or provider who can run 400-500 child accounts for a fashion, beauty, and entertainment niche. My budget is roughly $2,000, I only have a little flexibility with that budget but I'm willing to negotiate. I hope since I am buying in bulk that my estimate is about...
  8. J

    Any work and safe bot for Instagram interactions?

    As Jarvee has closed, is there any other bot that is safe and can create interactions (mainly like, comment, follow-unfollow) that still works?
  9. And Bogi

    [Journey] Scaling an e-commerce brand with Instagram mother-slave method

    Hey BHW, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week. I’ve been a long-time lurker on this forum. Thanks to the guides and journeys in this place, I’ve managed to gain knowledge and skills that landed me multiple jobs and gigs in the past. I now feel it is time to provide some value back...
  10. P

    Whats The Best IG Bot For Multi Usage (Followers, dms, creating accounts,dming by hashtag,making posts on acounnts etc)

    anybody know of a ig bot or can you make one that can make the same post with hashtags on thousands of accounts Create accounts bulk dm by hashtag bulk follow bulk like comment etc.
  11. T

    Looking for mass DMs SUPERHERO - 7000$ per day budget.

    Looking for someone can send at least 5M a day everyday, Experts in the field only. Speed Sending No hidden Requests Pm me here or @brandsbuilder on telegram if you feel like you're the one Peace
  12. O

    Jarvee with 4g proxies

    I have my own 4g proxies very high quality on the vodaphone network (number 1 mobile provider in UK). With aged phone verified actions and If i keep to 100 actions a day (follow) will these get banned?
  13. O

    instagram proxies

    Hello BHW, how many instagram accounts per 4g mobile proxy can you run at the same time. Say i had 3 accounts i’ll running at similar times for about 8 hours on one IP. Then IP rotates for another 3 accounts then it runs for 8 hours. Then after 8 hours it rotates again with 3 new accounts. so is...
  14. O

    Best automation method for many accounts

    Hello all, What is the most safest automation method for instagram?? i want to run about 100 accounts through this 1. Using a custom built software that doesn’t use API that manually clicks on the actions. such as follow/like/DM etc. This will be through a PC. Then use very high quality 4G...
  15. popcorndrew

    Hi I see someone offering REAL followers but how they manage to do that? Is a scam?

    As title said I see someone offering REAL and interested followers/active but I'm wondering how is this possible or if is a scam and use only some smm pannel? Does the mother child method work anymore or mass DM? From what I know instagram is very strict now .....
  16. DeadpoolSEO

    Multi-Bot Suite Project (Looking To Hire Full Stack Developer)

    This is just basic info to get the ball rolling, I don't plan to include full details here. The Basics Customer Portal/Dashboard Like: or Customers will purchase a subscription plan (Not Credits) which will give them access to...
  17. dilder

    Jarvee/ MP Group By Tag - Out Of Control!

    Does anyone know how to get an actual order in Jarvee when using "group by tag"? Even if I for example use tag names likes: T1, T2, T3, T4 Jarvee would still give me some random ordering of those and not in order. There must be some kind of logic behind and I would appreciate if you would...
  18. Koffein

    Instagram bot to follow accounts

    I'm wondering if there is a bot that can follow a list of account I previously scraped. That is the primary task I want to do, it would be great if the bot can also unfollow accounts that didn't follow me in a given time, and then re follow again after another given time and so, and so. This is...
  19. H

    I am looking for someone that can help me to create instagram accounts

    I need a lot of instagram accounts created per day (1.000's - 10.000's). Preferably automated, but if you have a manual solution that's fine too.
  20. H

    Instagram account creation

    I need someone that can provide me with a bot that automatically can create instagram account. Preferably 10.000's accounts per day. Of course I'm willing to pay for it.