instagram bot

  1. dilder

    Jarvee/ MP Group By Tag - Out Of Control!

    Does anyone know how to get an actual order in Jarvee when using "group by tag"? Even if I for example use tag names likes: T1, T2, T3, T4 Jarvee would still give me some random ordering of those and not in order. There must be some kind of logic behind and I would appreciate if you would...
  2. Koffein

    Instagram bot to follow accounts

    I'm wondering if there is a bot that can follow a list of account I previously scraped. That is the primary task I want to do, it would be great if the bot can also unfollow accounts that didn't follow me in a given time, and then re follow again after another given time and so, and so. This is...
  3. H

    I am looking for someone that can help me to create instagram accounts

    I need a lot of instagram accounts created per day (1.000's - 10.000's). Preferably automated, but if you have a manual solution that's fine too.
  4. H

    Instagram account creation

    I need someone that can provide me with a bot that automatically can create instagram account. Preferably 10.000's accounts per day. Of course I'm willing to pay for it.
  5. T

    I need an Instagram mentions bot

    Hello, what's the best Instagram mentions bot/software ? I couldn't find any website that offers this bot, please reply below if you know... thanks!
  6. afromanic

    Instagram Account Creation + Growth

    Hello. So before anyone replies or DMs me and wastes my time, if you can not provide what I'm asking for... DO NOT BOTHER. I am looking to grow 100+ Instagram accounts. Would start with 10-20 and gradually work my way up to 100+. My plan is to have each account having 1000 followers through...
  7. afromanic

    Instagram idea

    Hello: I am looking to grow 1000 accounts organically. These accounts are going to be real looking. I need to get organic growth using safe and bullet-proof methods only. I’m thinking of using a bot. I’m intending to use these accounts for years so I need safe proxies. Would you suggest...
  8. afromanic

    Looking for someone who can create Instagram accounts

    Hello. I am looking at buying 100 Gmail accounts so I can create 100 Instagram accounts. I am looking for someone to create Instagram accounts. I am also willing to pay more if you are able to do other actions like: * Type in a description on profile (provided to you) * Making accounts private
  9. S

    i am looking for a smm panel

    hi! i am looking for a cheapest smm panel whit instagram direct message service and also of one that provides real Italian followers at very low prices, I find only over $ 30 per 1000 but mainly I need a direct message service, I found one for $ 1.20 but it was really worth it and so I'm looking...
  10. K

    Are Instagram automation disadvantageous for Accounts?

    Hello BHW. I wanted to create about 4-7 Niche Accounts for Instagram and grow them by f /uf. I would do all of this with a bot. Will it cause difficulties for my accounts? (shadow bans / no posts on Explore or more) I would use different ipv4 proxies for all accounts.
  11. U

    russian instagram dm bot to cold message

    Hi I've heard of a Russian Instagram tool that can be used to cold message (DM) a list of users, but I don't know what it's called or where to buy it from I often receive messages, it's usually from an account with a profile picture, but no followers and not following anyone They send a...
  12. thetrustedzone

    [Attention] To proxy sellers and instagram marketers

    Something I got multiple PMs about and also noticing in BHW posts ... Instagram accounts banning and Instagram proxies ...etc here is my 2 cents : Instagram has IPs database check against ... usually, they know if you are using proxy or not but not always. when they detect you using a proxy...
  13. mayadd

    How Can I Automatically Unfollow on Instagram?

    Hello guys. I have a question about Instagram. I want to unfollow the people who don't follow me back, not all of them. How can I do that with automation or a bot without getting caught?
  14. K

    Instagram Bot / PHP Bots

    Hi, are there any instagram bots that currently working ? Php or downloadable don't matter.
  15. rksama

    [Help NEEDED] Creating Bulk Accounts - By GramCreator

    So it's Been More Than 48 hours since I have bought GramCreator. I have tried every possible way it has to create accounts. I have tried Methods used: - 1) Desktop Creation 2) Bulk Creation 3) Phone Creation 4) Single Creation 5) Manual Creation( Doesn't EVEN START don' know what's' wrong...
  16. imrootx

    Instagram BOT

    Hi, which bot is working in 2020 ? I need it for 15-20 accounts. i 'm looking for bot with these features + Auto Follow/Unfollow + Auto Like/Unlike + Auto Comment + Auto Post if anyone using Jarvee, please share review.
  17. elPimps

    FollowLiker + private WiFi VS Jarvee + 4g private

    Hello all i want to setup a bot just for 1-account use (so no mother - child ecc...) I would like to know if you think that those two different setups are the same regarding security and medium-long term usage I can use: FollowLike + my private WiFi (i use this wifi also to manage other...
  18. K

    Instagram bot

    Looking to hire someone to build an instagram bot. Similar to smm panel services. Nothing that requires my account to like/follow unfollow please. Any insight would be so meaningful. Thanks
  19. N

    Need SPOTIFY bot: Account creator & Streaming [Developer needed]

    Hy looking for serious developer for spotify account creator & streaming bot. I need a serious guy who can make this work. I will also need instagram bot, pinterest bot in future. So serious guy please knock me. Thanks [[skp:soundcloud.warrior]]
  20. wacrofo

    [Instagram] Looking for a bot that mass report IG Accounts

    Hey all, The title says it all, a simple straightforward bot to mass report an account. Pm is open,