Instagram + CPA Questions + method.

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    Hello BHW community!
    I read today many threads about Instagram but still have some questions to ask:
    1. I want to earn by CPA offer promoting, pick an offer and link in bio. Do I really need 1 domain per account or it could be free domain(wix)->mydomain->mydomain2 with iframe or even direct offer. How to do this best way and not become catched and banned.
    2. Second method is PPI with Ogmobi, Do I have to buy fresh domain per account or it can be used on more than one acc? Any suggestions how to do it right?
    3. Third is PPD with Instagram, same question as above.
    4. Is it necessary to verify every account by mail or phone verify is enough?
    5. I will use 1 proxy/acc + 1number/acc, give them about week and then start promotion - is it a safe way or do I missed something?
    6. I am using Followliker on vps.

    I didn't find exact answers for these question so I created this thread. Answers might be usefull for others in future.
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    i will answer the 2 and 3,5,6
    2-a domain on 3 acc is safe and good to start until you can buy more domains
    3- phone is enough and even phone is not obliged sometimes
    5- yes it's safe
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