Instagram Account Creation + Growth


Dec 18, 2017
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Hello. So before anyone replies or DMs me and wastes my time, if you can not provide what I'm asking for... DO NOT BOTHER.

I am looking to grow 100+ Instagram accounts. Would start with 10-20 and gradually work my way up to 100+. My plan is to have each account having 1000 followers through SMM (Which I will provide). I need EACH account to FOLLOW 3000 people. Each account will have their own names and descriptions (Which I will be providing)... also, I need each account to have 2-6 random photos posted (provided by YOU). When I give the account details to you, all accounts will be held on private so that when you follow 3000 people, the new followers will come as follow requests. Once the 3000 people are followed on each account, I would need you to delete all the photos on each account so that the account is basically like this.... (0 posts, 1000 followers, 3000 following).

If you provide unfollow services as well I can pay a bonus after the above tasks is done.

My goal by the end of this is to own a big list of accounts that have real engagement I could use for business purposes. Please DM me or reply with your Sky pe, Disc or Tela gram.