instagram farming

  1. hongnguyen

    Instagram Automation Software ( Android Emulator Version) - Auto Follow/Unfollow - Message - Upload Timeline, Reels or Story - Farm Unli...

    Instagram Automation Software ( Android Emulator Version) - Auto Follow/Unfollow - Message - Upload Timeline, Reels or Story - Farm Unlimited Accounts SOFTWARE FEATURES: Interact Newsfeeds Interact with Follower Interact with Following Interact by Hashtag Interact with Specified Posts Share...
  2. afromanic

    Instagram Account Creation + Growth

    Hello. So before anyone replies or DMs me and wastes my time, if you can not provide what I'm asking for... DO NOT BOTHER. I am looking to grow 100+ Instagram accounts. Would start with 10-20 and gradually work my way up to 100+. My plan is to have each account having 1000 followers through...
  3. 4

    Are you guys seeking VPS For Instagram?Which one is best?

    Are you guys seeking VPS For Instagram?Which one is best?I need to create 100 instagram accounts.
  4. MR.Spuf

    My journey to 10,000 Instagram accounts and $10k/month

    Howdy BHW fellas! This is my second shot with my journey, the first attempt was more of a learning curve for me but I've developed nice skills and I've learned valuable lessons that will bring me closer to my goals. Résumé I am a web design freelancer for 7-8 years now mostly on Upwork but...
  5. ad149

    Incentive Ads Network

    Hey guys, I am about to launch a new set of websites offering a certain premium product/service for free, locked within an content locker. I will offer adult stuff mostly so I need a network which is adult friendly and has decent offers. My traffic is from Top Tier Countries, such as Australia...
  6. B

    2019 - Instagram journey - Getting 500 accounts up and running in 2 months

    Hello, Im new to this forum and wanted to share my journey to reach 500 instagram accounts booting and promoting my main page which is in the gymwear nische. I have already in the past year 2018 tested different approuches and strategies and lost countless aged accounts. I want this journey to...
  7. D

    Instagram Jouney to 20,000-100,000 accounts botting (I'm currently at 5k)

    Well, Hi. I made a similar thread a months ago, so take this thread as a "Part 2" :) . I was a newbie and didn't know a lot of things I know now. Also, I didn't know some of the BHW rules so I even got banned once. But now I'm here, with a lot more knowledge, thankfully I'm Jr.VIP now. So, I...
  8. J

    Would this work? CPA + Instagram

    Hy guys. I just started to get into CPA Marketing. So lets say I take a MaxBounty offer. Something like "Win a new iPhone" or "Free MakeUp Samples" where I get 1.60 USD - 3.00 USD per Lead. I buy 10 Instagram Accounts, post relevant images and start follow/unfollow hardcore. It will completely...
  9. D

    Instagram Journey to growing my SMMA

    Hello, let me introduce myself: I'm fairly new here as a registered member in BHW but I've been learning here for a long while. I'll do my best in order to help everyone I can. Important to say that everything will be based in my experience also IMO. As soon as I reached the minimum...
  10. MR.Spuf

    1000+ IG accounts + Dropshipping + Amazon FBA

    It's about time that I need to start my thread here to keep me accountable in my journey. I've become BHW member a couple months back, and after I got a sense what's going on here (awesome things) I've already started to feel angry to myself because I didn't discovered this place at least...
  11. proxified

    Instagram journey to 50,000 accounts botting

    Ok, this is my first journey thread at BHW and let me mention I am not a pro, and actually not even close to being a pro. I will share a bit about my background here. I have been into IM from about 10 years now. Its been like 9 years since I have been at BHW though I wasn't much active here...
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