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Important Questions to start Pinterest in 2017

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by Profibot, Jul 11, 2017.


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  1. Profibot

    Profibot Newbie

    Feb 8, 2014
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    Hi! I am beginning to work with Pinterest and would be grateful for your advises.

    What possibilities do beginner have to bring traffic on site/sties from Pinterest?

    For now I can see only one strategy. Repinning popular pins + creating personal pins with link on moneysite. But if this personal pins will be not as good as popular are, then there will be no traffic.
    1. What is the key to create quality unique pins without stealing? How is it possible to take great pictures from other's accounts and change link to my site without being punished? What changes to picture do I have to make to be sure?
    2. Lets say I have one old account and want to start bringing some traffic on my moneysite. How often should I make pins with link on my site? 1 link to 10 repins from other accounts or less?
    3. How is it going with group boards nowadays? Can I get traffic without them? Or there is only one way to get a lot of visitors, by joining and pinning in group boards?
    4. There is an opinion, that quantity of followers on Pinterest is not valuable anymore. Does it mean, that there is also no need to follow only quality niche related users? Or quality of users is still important? On what number of followers is following not efficient anymore?
    5. How to test quality of your followers? How much repins will have good pin in a board (not a group board) with 10k quality niche related followers.
    6. What are main restrictions nowadays? By what causes is it most likely to be banned on Pinterest?
    There are a lot of questions. I'm just trying to gather all important tips for beginners in one topic.

    If you have answers to one or more questions, please share your experience with community. Thanks!
  2. mlg131

    mlg131 Junior Member

    Oct 11, 2016
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    Cali, Colombia
    interested to know as well