pinterest account banned

  1. R

    Why Pinterest is not letting me post my link?

    I'm trying to promote my affiliate link on Pinterest by posting a pin but whenever I try adding my affiliate link or short link Pinterest won't let me and gives this message that this link is banned something like this. So my question is how can i put my link in Pinterest?
  2. Starblazer

    I posted 200 pins in a day and my Pinterest account suspended for spam

    All my pins are manually created and are posted in multiple boards. I have seen some accounts with over 18k pins in single board without any issues. This is also an old account and I've posted pins several times earlier. So, it's not like I created this account only to spam. Currently, I'm...
  3. pepekobasa

    Pinterest account got banned as well my website, UGH!!!!

    So guys I am planning to post my journey this January 2021 but bad thing happened and I think this is the most bullshit thing happened to me since day 1 of using Pinterest. My new blogsite got banned and my Pinterest account that already some traction got banned as well :( Is this how...
  4. Misan

    How to unclaim/remove domain from pinterest??

    i want to remove one of my domain from a Pinterest account... am trying to unclaim it, if I refresh it comes again can someone help me to remove it permanently?
  5. FatimaCoeg


    Hallo Captain. Can you please tell me, how to unblocking domain from pinterest? And once again Can you please tell me, how to get back account pinterest was suspened
  6. shabushabu

    Pinterest banned my account for no reason..

    Pinterest banned my account for no reason.. e-mailed them no response. Made a new account added my card again, advertised, got banned next day. Is there a way I can advertise on pinterest again without getting sacked? Advertising Shopify store, as white hat as it gets..
  7. nifras

    Suggest me the Best pinterest alternative

    After Pinterest Block my site I am searching best Pinterest Alternative Site
  8. investartur

    Pinterest shadow ban?

    Hey guys. I recently started working with Pinterest. I have my old account created perhaps a year ago. So, I posted 1-2 pins per day with a link to my website mixing with repins (1 pin:10 repins). A few days later (after the 7th pin) Pinterest stopped showing my pins with links. If I post a pin...
  9. M

    I Set Up A Pinterest Account At 1 Million Impressions And Here's What Happened...

    Morning, everyone, I hope you're all right. As you probably saw in the headline, something weird happened for me on pinterest today. My account was deleted for no good reason ! To be clear : I didn't do blackhat I never posted more than 10 images a day My website's been checked I've pinned a...
  10. B

    Suspended for a second time!!Steps to take...

    Hi everyone. I was suspended last week from pinterest for i think following too many people ( my mistake for being a newbie). Anyway apologised and all but they wouldnt reactivate it. So decided to create a new website name and do a 301 redirect. BAM 24 hours later i was again suspended. I...
  11. Asirir88

    Pinterest is marked as Spam

    Hi All I have this educational site which has a good short domain name. However, in pinterest it has been marked as spam. I have contacted the help center but they are not unblocking my site :(. So my question is is it worth to build this site without pinterest ? Is there anyway to get lift...
  12. S

    About Pinterest Shadow Ban

    Hello friends, I make pin to pin system, I use social auto poster and wp automatic plugins. I don't use proxy, I connect my accounts with tor browser, but every account has shadow ban? Does anyone know the solution method?
  13. Bikesh Kumar

    My Pinterest account suspended 1 month ago

    Hey, my Pinterest account has been suspended by Pinterest please let me know how can I recover my Pinterest account. Currently, I am not able to recover my Pinterest account because I got a Mail from Pinterest when I open this mail then I get an appeal link to recover my account but this is...
  14. swisfa

    Pinterest fu**ed me

    5 accs suspended in 2 days, is that happening only with me? I think group boards are the reason, i was posting 40 pins per day on group boards and 10 on personal boards. But i don't know why they suspend accounts when they start receiving traffic and not from the beginning!!!!
  15. mubi

    Website Banned

    Hi, Is there any way to get my website back on pinterest. 2 Days ago my website got banned. I was getting 50k traffic daily from it. if you know the solution please let me know.
  16. survivorghost

    CPA + Pinterest Traffic ✔️✔️

    So I have this Pinterest account that drives about 2m traffic a month. I wasn't monetizing that traffic and then I decided to use CPA offers to make some money out of it. I got accepted in maxbounty and now I am trying to pin something and put the offers link with it, it says that link has...
  17. ddesigns

    Pinterest suspended

    As per guidance from few threads here on BHW, I purchased pinterest board invite gig from fiverr and started pinning my website images (pins) in those boards. I was pinning one image in 3 different boards and was doing thins manually in around 5/10 mins. Suddenly I got the message that your...
  18. olienet

    Multiple pinterest post for 1 article is consider as spam?

    Hi guys, Can we post the same article multiple time with different image? Because my pinterest account have been suspended. I'm not sure the reason, pinterest said it was because of spam issue. My recent activity on that pinterest account is: 1. Follow and unfollow - unfollow 100 people 9am |...
  19. ReliableSEOGuy

    [Pinterest] What's my ducking problem?

    I wanted to start with Pinterest. First try: Used accounts made with Russian proxies bought from because they are cheap and I wanted to try things out. Bought IPv4 Russian proxies from Used Jarvee to browse and log into the account manually. Logged in, changed profile...
  20. A

    multipe accounts "pinterest"

    Hi guys really i face a big problem yes i need your advice. in the fact when i created new accounts on pinterest directly a got banned and sometimes even i end creation accounts and send invites after i got banned although i respect all the rules and i used differnt ip but without result. i dont...