group boards

  1. Lipstick Spoiler

    How to invite people to join my group board with 10m+ monthly viewers

    does anyone know how to invite people to join my group board? I have 20k followers and 10m+ monthly impressions.
  2. PKB88

    Pinterest group boards exchange

    HI All, I want to exchange Pinterest group boards.I have 100+ groups boards on Pinterest.Different niches-Health,fashion,home decor etc .If anyone interested in group board exchange please contact me I am looking for group boards invites mainly from niches like...
  3. P

    Pinterest Group Board Exchange (Limited Time)

    Hello Pinterest Marketers, I have 50+ Group Boards In Health and Fitness Niche And 50+ GB in Make Money Niche. Anyone interested for Exchange DM Me. Let's Make Money Together Thanks
  4. P

    Pinterest Broup Board Exchange

    Hi, I am Always Looking for group board for growing my Pinterest account. So I am Looking for exchanging Pinterest group Boards in Health Niche. Or make money niche. If anyone interested can Message me. Group Board Size if anywhere from 5k to 25k+ Message me for Exchange. Let's make money...
  5. Profibot

    Important Questions to start Pinterest in 2017

    Hi! I am beginning to work with Pinterest and would be grateful for your advises. What possibilities do beginner have to bring traffic on site/sties from Pinterest? For now I can see only one strategy. Repinning popular pins + creating personal pins with link on moneysite. But if this personal...
  6. Luka19

    [Journey] Pinterest + Affiliate [1000$/m]

    Hey Today I'm restarting my journey on one of my lovely social media platforms - Pinterest. I have been with pinterest/Adsense for last 3 years, earning lots of $$$ but after 3 years my Adsense acc was banned and I left IM. So have not tried Pinterest for like 7/8 months, but today want to...
  7. E

    Group Board Exchange - Pinterest

    Hi guys, I have the following boards available for trade for other relevant boards: I am mainly looking for boards for quotes and or book reviews / book suggestions. Let me know if you want to trade :) Mail me at [email protected] with your offer :) Thanks!
  8. J

    Pinterest board exchange on skype

    Hi to everyone. I'm creating a group board exchange on skype. I actually have food group boards with big amount of followers. Not interested with boards less than 10 K followers minimum. If you are interested add me on skype. My id is jobarseb
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