Identify Guest Blogging Opportunities in Google

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    Hey since this forum has been so good for me and I have learned a lot I wanted to give something back to you

    I do whitehat seo and I use google for identifying guest blogging opportunities.

    I work on the basis that a person who has ablog will always need a guest blogger and will need to invite him which is why I have come up with the statements below.

    ?Submit a guest post? / ?Submit post? / ?Submit blog post?
    ?Add blog post?
    ?Submit an article?
    ?Suggest a guest post?
    ?Send a guest post?
    ?Write for us?;
    ?Become an author?;
    ?Guest bloggers wanted?
    ?Contribute to our site?;
    ?Become a contributor?;
    ?Become guest writer?
    ?(Write for our) guest column?.

    If you combine those with the name of your niche it will give you great results at least it works for me on a daily basis.

    Please share your results !
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    true this sounds like a solid whitehat method

    now how do we grayish it :p