I made a IG bot: questions about multiple accounts


Jan 28, 2021
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I created an IG bot to comment posts. The software works very well, and this is what i tested:
  • Single phone number, i created 4 accounts;
  • The bot logs in each time with a different account;
  • Each account write a comment, then logs out.
Now it's time to scale: i want to use a lot of accounts. I read in other topics of BHW that there are several tools which i can use to create multiple accounts using a 4G router. That's great. I have the following questions:
  1. After using the tool i'll have a list of accounts with passwords, right? Is each account bonded with a specific IP address? Is that the proxy that i'll put into my bot code?
  2. Do i have to use the 4G router everytime i want to use the bot? Or is it needed just to create the accounts?
  3. My bot uses Selenium with Firefox Webdriver: do i have to create a Firefox profile for each account?
  4. Does IG uses other ways beyond IP and actions frequency to identify bots?
  5. Any advice? You probably have more experience than me and it's very likely i'm missing something
Thank you!