I have a question about keyword.


Oct 25, 2009
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Hello, I am new to BHW, and New to SEO, Now I want to build a site.

I have find a keyword, like beijing travel. beijing is a place.

Now my problem is that , domain name, beingjingtravel.com, .org, .net. taken by others. there is only travebeijing.org.

What is the different between beijingtravel.org and travelbeijing.org?
If the keyword that actually gets searched often is Beijing travel and not Travel Beijing, then it will be slighly harder to rank for, than if your domain was the exact match for the term that gets searched...however as both domains have the keywords in them, they would be alright in terms in SEO, just not great!
you are right, beijingtravel1.com and travelbeijing.org, which one will be better?
How about beijingtraveltips, beijingtravelguide, beigingtravelhelp or something similar?

If the phrase is Beijing travel in that order, it's better to keep that order in your domain name if at all possible. Also should try to make the target phrase first when adding extra words.
beijingtravel1.com will be better against travelbeijing.org if your keyword is is beijing travel.
you may also try
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