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Oct 29, 2009
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does pretty link pro work with iframes ?

because i've set up pretty link pro on my site, the iframes are displaying ok,(and working) but when i put the iframe code into pretty link admin it says "ERROR: Link URL must be a correctly formatted url"

(these are iframes with my affiliate codes in them - i am trying to cloak the iframes and hide my affiliate links, and have it show a url within the site)

next to "Redirection Type*:" i selected "cloaked"

it brings up the same message "ERROR: Link URL must be a correctly formatted url" whatever "Redirection Type*:" i choose - but it looks pretty poor if it cant cloak an iframe ? its still code that just needs cloaking.
thanks, but the iframe code is the link, it is supplied by the affiliate company, if i change the iframe code, i wont be credited with a sale.

i had a look at it, and i think what is the problem is that within the iframe it has text that is not part of a url, so it gives the error message,
i find that hard to believe that a cloaking script cant cloak it though as its just code - but i think it sees that its not a url and throws the error message.
the "iframe" is a number of individual banners/photos whatever, that have my affiliate code attached to them.
i just tried another affilliate link cloaker and it cuts most of the code out of the iframe code, so it looks like the problem is because its an iframe , not pretty links
Yes you can use pretty link with iframes through cloaking. All you have to do is cloak the links within the iframes. After this your framed page will rank better among others.
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